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  • carburetorkid carburetorkid Dec 5, 2012 12:21 PM Flag


    They have no idea if their accusations are true or false or if what they are about to do will fix the problem. In the case of taxing the rich it is absolutely false that it will fix anything. Fact!

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    • Housing bubble started late 02 fueled by No DOC loans or lair loans, we had a republican president , senate and congress at the time.
      Hard to believe Barney would be in favor of deregulating thats a republican thing !

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    • After readings all the post I stand by original statement: They have no idea if their accusations are true or false or if what they are about to do will fix the problem. In the case of taxing the rich it is absolutely false that it will fix anything. Fact! And I will add this the rich do not prevent anyone else from becoming rich in fact they make the likelihood more attainable. Only ignorant people can't figure that out.

    • It's a lot like the kids chanting "Kill the pig!" in Lord of the Flies.

      We need to increase taxes on everybody and reduce spending across the board with no sacred cows. It doesn't have to be a huge sea change but it has to be a change in the right direction. The effect will be to slowly move toward a balanced and sustainable budget without drowning the fledgling recovery.. Our creditors will have renewed confidence in US Treasury obligations which will keep rates low without intervention from the Fed thus avoiding the otherwise inevitable inflation.

      And on another note: Go BAC!

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    • 2012 was banner year........... The Top 1% once again increased their wealth to record levels, Corp. income set a new high record and CEO pay increased to the highest level ever. Of course middle class income decreased since the $$$ for the rich had to come from somewhere. Of course the radicals living in their trailers and getting poorer every day do not want any increase in taxs on the Rich since they are convinced that someday they will be rich when the trickle down theory actually works and the rules slanted in favor of the rich will then be their rules..............AND YOU CALL OTHER RETARDS ,........... GUESS THAT NO ONE HAS TOLD YOU ABOUT YOUR MENTAL STATE YET.

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      • I was one of the poor people, but I busted my butt working to achieve a better life by going to a technical school to learn the HVAC trade in all areas. I now have achieved a better than average life pulling in about 320,000 ia year. I have 20 employees frabricating sheet metal fittings of all kinds and if my taxes keep going up I'm moving my business across the border which forturnately is only 23 miles away from here in Yuma, AZ. So yeah tax the upper income that make jobs available to the lower income and watch us that can, leave this Country and let the people screaming to tax the rich pay the way and see where they will work....

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    • It's amazing. BAC has doubled this year and some people can only whine. I'm damned glad I became richer by effortlessly buying BAC on the cheap, and all done with a home computer. Tax me baby, I'm rich!! Oh and give that money to poor old ladies who need hip replacements, what the heck do I care, I'm rich. Give it to Romney for all I care, my $5 BAC is now over $10 ... TAX ME!

    • You funny. I bet dollars to donuts you are not in the one percent, if you were you wouldn't be here.
      That means you are one of their lackey's...... How does one give up the ability to think for themselves and just fall in-line and do what somebody, who has something they would like, and do what the tell you to do even while they are robbing you blind.
      Do you even know who is paying for the on-going bail out?
      Do you even know who got the money put into the bailout?
      Boy.... there are so many dumb people in this country....

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    • Wall st and bankers made the housing bubble and fake triple a funds that caused the DOW crash, they get bailed out and bigger bonuses while Americans lose their jobs and homes !
      They are lucky the country didn't go French on them .

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    • Is it fun to make up facts when you're rich or a lackey?

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