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  • the_power_inyou the_power_inyou Dec 7, 2012 8:42 PM Flag

    No new lies about Benghazi. Just the old ones.

    Lie #1 Security at the embassy was not reduced to promote the illusion that Libya was stable and Al Qaeda was "on the run".
    Lie #2 A military strike was not ordered to save the Americans under fire because our leaders thought it was "too risky".
    Lie #3 Susan Rice was not sent out as a distraction to cover for Hillary Clinton who was protecting her 2016 Presidential bid.
    Lie #4 Obama did not see real-time video of the attack in the White House situation room.
    Lie #5 The Consulate was not secured after the attack because there was no evidence worth protecting.
    Lie #6 The media is not suppressing coverage of Benghazi to protect the President.
    Lie #7 The talking points were false because of conflicting intelligence reports.
    Lie #8 Obama did not stand up in front of the world leaders at the U.N. and knowingly lie about the attack.
    Lie #9 Obama's command did not trade innocent American lives for political gain.

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