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  • the_power_inyou the_power_inyou Dec 14, 2012 1:52 AM Flag

    It's good to be the King. Take a 4 million dollar tax-payer funded vacation, why not? Hypocritical? Phhhht bite me I'm the Prez.

    Hurricane victims? Sucks to be them. Yeah I know I said some things I'm always saying things, haven't you figured that out yet? Fiscal cliff, FIscal Schmiff surfs up! Time for Poppy and the girls to play. Hell I haven't swung a club in almost a week. Man I just realized it would really suck to have to pay for this, good thing I didn't have to cut through any RED TAPE to get MY money Heh Heh. Yep it's good to be the King.

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    • I pay for my vacations. Now just why should I pay for the Presidents vacation? Is there a rule that the tax payers pay for the Presidents vacations? If so, please sight the rules.

      In the last 4 years, Obama spent 732 million on vacations. Look it up! Some president! And the little guy has no clue how much this FAT CAT spends our money!

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