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  • usaswindled usaswindled Dec 14, 2012 8:39 PM Flag

    Mr. President Obama: WIPE YOUR TEARS TODAY ............

    Today another major massacre of both young and middle aged Americans under your rule.I as you am shedding tears over this news as the family members must deal with this unprovoked killings of their siblings and family members.You have to understand the mindset of young Americans who under your (REIN) feel they have no future in AMERICA. You have to stop degrading America as this country was built with hard work and and knowledge obtained by Individuals and now you want to tax them out of Existance,just to pay for the few who elect not to perform and excel their right to Prosperity.These young people of (OUR) country are our future and you have now elected to change their views on becoming wealthy in our free system which changes their mindset into negative thinking and ruining AMERICA'S future by your stance on the 1% which has now changed to 2% as you if to think it's any different.WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and a SUPERPOWER of the WORLD and if you refuse to forget this MOTTO then you need to RESIGN from Office as the American people are tired of mass Murders under your Presidency.

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    • Is there no level so low and no shot so cheap that you will not stoop to? It's a rhetorical question...we can see the answer all too clearly.

    • Starkdirt, Fact is this young man didn't buy these weapons as he stoled them from his Mother.So don't use the excuse we must ban handguns as our leader wants to do next.Second the President contends China is NOT manipulating their currency and continues to STEAL AMERICAN JOBS and virtually forcing companies to continue to operate in China to compete or go out of business.One major company CEO said with all the business TAX increase he could pay his employee's near $1 per hour and still would move operations to China as Healthcare costs are putting the nail in the coffin to any profits.So instead of your biased opinion why don't you go attend a few of the funerals of these people and pay your respect as many are going to be doing and don't waste the time posting on this board.This is another terrible day in America and these shootings need to stop.

    • You need to wipe something other than tears, you ball-smuggler. ROTFLMAO try using your brand-new ID.

    • While reading this garabge you decided to post it became very evident that your insane. No rational person would attempt to play this as a political game. I knew the radical right hated the President, but to stoop to this level is a new low. Your a sad little man, who whants to play a political game with the deaths of childern. How dare you, your about as American as Hitler. You are more than a disgrace, your more than an idiot, you need more help than can be currently be provided. If anyone ever wanted an example of the type of cancer called the radical right you could be the poster child.

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