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  • e.zeke2517 e.zeke2517 Dec 30, 2012 3:57 PM Flag

    Repugs Lose! LMAO!

    Reagan believed in karma. Looks like he'll be giving the Republicans a lesson on that subject rather soon, even if from the grave.

    The GOP brought on the fiscal cliff with their excessive spending policies coupled with their GOP Wealthfare Tax Cuts. Oh sure, the math challenged #$%$ minority will deny that, but the ultimate federal balance sheet from the CBO proves that beyond all doubts.

    So here we are today, and karma is about to consume the GOP.

    If they give in to Obama, Obama will be credited for avoiding the Fiscal Cliff.

    If they don't give into Obama, the GOP will get the blame for the Fiscal Cliff by over 2/3's of the voters.

    Either way, the GOP loses.

    If the GOP does nothing, for 2 years we'll sink back into a recession until the Dems take a supermajority in congress. The first thing the Dem supermajority will do is raise taxes on the wealthy significantly higher then the Fiscal Cliff has while cutting taxes on the bottom 95%.

    Of course the rightwing dingalings will bury their heads in the sand and do what they do best; wish away reality.

    By 2014, the Tea Party will be all but extinct. The GOP won't be far behind.


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