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  • toobeornot123 toobeornot123 Jan 31, 2013 11:14 AM Flag

    Highlowsel has the call of the day

    Any of you political boobs can do better, sound off

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    • But taderx say it go to pink sheets.


    • Thanks...I guess. I don't see any of the political or OT stuff (excepting the "you have ignored...." commentary) because, as it relates to this thread, I have half the "planet" on ignore. Anybody I see that post OT, wack I slap them into the ignore cue. That cue seems unlimited. Heh! Why people engage in such OT conversations when there are threads set up for it I'll never understand. Must be some lonely folk trolling for attention? In any case me? I prefer to talk about the topic...especially since I'm heavily trading and playing BAC.

      Speaking of which...I'd drawn a shorter term downtrend line off of BAC's ~$11.70 level seen on Jan 25. From then until now the bid has been riding that line downward I also had drawn an uptrend line off of the $8.74 level seen last Sept 26th. Lo-n-behold the two lines intersected today with BAC breaking below that latter uptrend line this morning. Here with the bid at ~$11.26 it's now bouncing between the two lines...a decision point and set-up have been reached. If it continues to ride the downtrend then I'd look for a test of $11, ultimately. If it recovers/bounces here then look for $11.50...though perhaps not today. If I was to bet on it I think the downtrend line has the stronger probability (right now).. The bid is continually being attacked in small print fashion, with occasional relaxations to draw out the buy side. At least...for now.

      Just my 2pennies worth.

      Let's see how it plays out. Bid now $11.24.

      American Net'Zen

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