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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Jan 31, 2013 3:58 PM Flag


    Have the unique ability to be able to avoid all logic

    Maintain The skill of making up a lie faster than a speeding bullet

    Always speak and seldom listen

    Own at least one Brown shirt and one sheet suit

    Think that Freedom of choice applies only to the choices they would make

    Have the social awareness of a rock

    Can be defined as those of the Human race that have avoided evoluation

    Divide their computer time between radical Right wing blogs and Porn

    Always end a political discussion they are loseing by calling the other person a name [have not evolved since grade school]

    They are comitted to the practice of never thinking about an issue since Rush or Fox News will tell them what position to take.

    They do not realize that they are the relics of the old Southern Democrats that JFK got rid of because they were idiots

    When they lose elections their first thought is to form a new country ......... and they call themselves Americans?

    They cry freedom, but support the removal of freedom for others

    Yes, these are the Teapublicans who are dedicated to zero progress and chronic ignorance for all.

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