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  • traderx1966 traderx1966 Feb 1, 2013 7:37 AM Flag



    and you will see that I have been fairly accurate...I have not always been right, but in 2011 and early 2012 my calls were dead on point!!! It all started back in Feb of 2011 when BAC was trading at 13 and I posted, "It May be Time To Sell BAC." Please look up this post and check the price and what happened since my initial post on this board. Please keep in mind that two weeks ago I said BAC would begin to decline and shorted the 12.14 level...Look what has happened since!

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    • m.inally Feb 4, 2013 8:07 PM Flag

      Again, thanks TRADERX for your contribution to my last Soc.Sec. Check and again I accumulated another $117 accrued interest today from all those US banks and corporatioins. I am going to let you into a little secret. Now, this is just between you and me. Those years due to mortgage problems that you're talking about are behind BAC. It is only going to get better from now on for them. That will be evident when they increase their dividend which should happen next quarter. Take it from me, take your profits from those years and don't risk it, because of passed victories. One too many victories increases the odds to failure.

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    • Laughable that you pulled a number out of thin air for your support level. If the stock is going to tank 75%, why should it stop at $3.59? Better yet, can you give us a more specific date in August when this will all occur? We'd all like to sell our stocks the day before and convert to gold, if you don't mind. In this political and regulatory environment, and with the capital levels that would have to be headed for depletion to accomplish what you say, the stock would simply go to zero on the friday that the regulators would take over. Your scenario is simply not going to happen without a major catalyst. And if that catalyst appears, your money won't be worth anything anymore anyway. A broken clock is right twice a day.

    • Your date might be off but your right this stock is going down....BAC is going belly up. I will give it maybe 3yrs. Buy LEAPS and get rich.

    • Traderx, I have seen many outrageously stupid predictions on this board but yours tops them all. Why waste your time here talking like a complete idiot.

    • ''LOL''

    • R U R T S ................ seriously..... are you really that stupid???????????????????

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      Function: adjective
      Etymology: from Latin accuratus "accurate," from accurare "to take care of," from ac-, ad- "to" and cura "care" --related to CURE, CURIOUS --see Word History at CURE
      1 : free from mistakes especially as the result of care
      2 : agreeing exactly with truth or a standard
      3 : able to give an accurate result

      fairly accurate my #$%$. that's like saying you are virtually right LOL

    • Oh my dear turdiex. You have missed your medication again haven't you?
      Take your pills and have little nap. The delusions will pass.

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