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  • zbgb952 zbgb952 Feb 4, 2013 2:29 PM Flag

    What do Merrill Lynch Wealth Management financial advisors think of Merrill Edge?

    Both are part of Bank of America. I would think that Merrill Edge is taking lots of business away from the over charging financial advisors, right? Is Merrill Edge any good? How does it compare to ML Wealth Management, mlpa or whatever?

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    • Simple _ Merrill Lynh Advisors - advise - an plan your packages - which you pay for their services - $$ Merrill Edge - is - do it yourself - an depends on the amount you have invested to the cost .! their costs are self exploratory in the print .!

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      • What is the point of paying an advisor? They charge like 1% of your account and if you have over a million or so that is alot of money. It has been proven, for example, that most mutual fund managers cannot beat the why pay an advisor..who will probably just buy mutual funds..which add to the fees. Why not just buy, say, the permanent portfolio and forget about it. No constant fees. I used advisors and have lost my #$%$ on what they sold me. They are the only ones who have made money off of my money...not me.

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