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  • libertydies30 libertydies30 Feb 6, 2013 11:50 PM Flag

    Free cell phones for dummies

    In 1984 during the Reagan administration a program was set up that provided phone service through the FCC for the poor. That was expanded in 1996. The first Cell phones were given out under Bush in 2008, The program is paid for by the phone service companies and administered by the Universal Service administrative company. The president has nothing to do with it and the phones are not paid for by the taxpayer or the federal government, The program is called Safelink and the phones are provided by Tracfone wireless. There
    is no "Obama phone" or other newly created federal program to provide free cell phones.

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    • Listen dipshiits. The problem isn't that a person can get a phone. The problem is that everybody on the left is naming it after Obama so that he can get credit for something he never had anything at all to do with. You have somehow miraculously stumbled upon the truth, for once. What you have exposed is not that "teapublicans" (you intolerant leftist propagandized pigs) are decrying the program, but that Obama and his mindless millions of minions (like you) have tried to take credit for something that isn't theirs to take credit for. So now you've given W credit for doing something that your beloved failures of the left would love to take credit for, but they cannot.

      Does this mean you can stop blaming Bush now for all of your other failures, like the financial crisis?

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      • I love Tea Bagger rage. You sore loser Tea Bagger liars have used the "Obama Phone" as a part of your idiotic "Makers vs. Takers" myth. Now that YOU have discovered the truth, YOU try to spin the lie you liars created 180 degrees to not only give Bush jr. credit for the free phones, but you are now claiming how awful it is that the "lefties" tried to give undeserved credit to Obama for providing the phones. You zombie Tea Bags are too funny! You liar Rush-ling parrats post every day about free phones for the "takers," food stamps, social security, veterans benefits, and all the other "free gifts" used to bribe voters, and then when the truth is exposed, you try to do what you always do: spin, spin, snd spin. In other words, YOU LIE, LIE, AND LIE. GFY, LYING SORE LOSER TEA BAG!

    • Ah, now you have screwed up and exposed yet ANOTHER Teapublican lie ...................... Of course we all know they never let the truth stand in their way

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