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  • andym_30054 andym_30054 Feb 7, 2013 6:43 AM Flag

    Talkholes on FOX news on their last legs!

    Propaganda machine has run it's course! We will see if they like the Republican party will move to the center and try to become good citizens!

    People have had enough of struggling only to be told by the mudslingers on FOX news that it is all because of a "liberal" agenda when the current fiscal mess / crisis is all about (2) unfunded wars and the Republicans blind eye towards Wall street Bankster crooks! Just wait until the dirt on the ratings agencies lack of due diligence in the CDO markets comes out in the open! Oh my, what crooks Wall street has become! Shameful behavior and hopefully a handcuffed behind bars life for many Banksters!

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    • You're posting on a stock msg board. Check the stock price of News Corp (Fox parent), then check the price of NYT using a 5 year comparative baseline. Tell me which one has run its course. NYT is down almost 50%, NWS is up 40%. Liberals are nothing more than cult members who think the rest of the world is being deceived by history, and they reject the disclosed ongoing failings of liberalism as "propaganda". Look it up. Just because you're a brainwashed liberal idiot with no common sense and no business acuity doesn't mean that you can't someday stumble across the truth by accident. You just haven't yet.

    • Andy, you should be aware that your posts can and will be used against you in a court of law to keep you incarcerated with us until such time that you are deemed to not be a threat to yourself and others. You Democrats are all the same!

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