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  • dga674 dga674 Feb 24, 2013 7:42 AM Flag


    When the country has a heart attack some day from the debt ,the dems. will say we didnt spend enough money because of the Republicans..If only we had give the people on Welfare a little more.

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    • Bingo. Straight party line with no concern for the people or the country.

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      • Whatyou fail, as other right wingers, to realize is that neither party or it's leaders have any concern for the people or the country. You , as others, get wraped-up in the emotional issues that spout forth daily and the fear that these political mimrods spread in order to keep you in line, American was sold to the Rich and their Corp's and you count for nothing to any of the except for them to bleed you dry. the political robots of both parties only concern is to remain in office / power so they will say anything and spend billions to get you to vote for them. While the people are consumed by the verbage and pretend issues thary rob you blind. Come examples
        Chronic price fixing by the Oil co's
        Corp. Welfare for high profit Corp's
        !00,000 % medical care mark-ups
        Massive increase in CEO pay while worker pay declines
        Etc., Erc.
        Their plan to divide the people of the country and use this as a diversion to obtain their goals , which are not in the best interest of the country or it
        s people continues to work to perfection and the amazing thing and what is so clever about this whole thing is that people are willing to support thier own ruin.

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