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  • carolyne47 carolyne47 Feb 27, 2013 8:30 AM Flag

    If you ever needed proof

    while the extreamests rant on and flock to support the verbage spewed forth from Washington , rational people now have all the proof they need that not only is the goverment disfunctional it it also a body of pampered and spoiled non-learders that have been purchased at great cost. Unless you are a large Corp. , Special interest group or rich you do not have any repersentation in the American goverment. All the BS we are exosed to by the left and right media serves one purpose and that is to keep the rest of us divided by utlization of emnational issues, this allows those with the real power to continue to control the goverment with the aid and help of those the goverment is hurting. We no longer have the people repersented by the existing goverment and in general the population is too dumb to realize that they are screwed. So unless you are very rich, it way past time to join together and change the system , so that you have real repersentation and that change starts with election more can we allow our goverment to be purchased, no longer can we allow either existing parties to exist, and no longer can we remain divided by the emotional issues utlized to ensure the real problem with goverment never comes to the surface. If you need proof then consider these facts:
    Gas prices are fized , when is the last time you saw actual competitive gas prices in your area / region?
    Different tax rules exist to ensure the rich pay a lower actual % of tax or that Corps pay nothing
    Evvery election we hear pro and con on abortion , but after elections we have no action
    We allow Medical corp.'s to charge a 1,000 % mark-up on goods a services
    We provide Billions in Corp. welfare to highly profitable Corp's paid for by your tax $$$
    We allow Illegal actions by Corp Exec. to go unpunished
    We see ongoing fear tactics utlized
    Etc., Etc.
    It is way past time for the people to act , they have us divided so that no real action will take place and their fear is that the people will unite aginst the phony goverment and political parties.............. we have the choice , let the SOB's win while we lose big or unite and change our goverment for the better.

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