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  • reggie.thoma reggie.thoma Mar 4, 2013 8:49 PM Flag

    5 Reasons Jeb Bush will not, never ever be president.

    1. George Herbert Walker Bush
    2. George Walker Bush
    3. Jeb Stuart Bush
    4. The "defunct" Republican Party
    5. The USA is not a Kingdom and we are not serfs or subjects

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    • flippant_1 Mar 4, 2013 10:56 PM Flag

      Clinton was between the Bushes, and we ain't gonna allow THAT to happen to Obama.

    • You left out Neil Bush and Silverado

    • Interesting double-negative. If I follow you, Reggie, Jeb Bush would actually be president. I personally think that would be a bad thing. For everybody. Obama is the best thing that has happened to conservatives. He is accelerating the decline and demonstrating the failure of liberalism. In his quixotic desire to implement every policy of destruction that liberalism embodies, he will destroy his vary supporters and convert their survivors for generations to conservatism. Not people like you, mind you. The too-far-gone will be of no use in the post-Obama world. Unable to work or even know what the word means, all the food stamp money gone, nobody to protect you from the hordes of lawless who didn't turn in their guns when you willingly accepted the edict and surrendered your freedom and self-protection. You'll be dialing 911 while the thieves are slitting your throat or putting holes in your back, an asterisk on the way back to a free society, worthy of mention in future history books, but only to serve as a warning to others; an example of what not to do, a pristine illustration of how emotion and common sense practicality do not exist as forces in unison, but instead form a cacophony. And in the end, history will read that you chose poorly.

    • "The USA is not a Kingdom and we are not serfs or subjects"
      Tell that to mr. obama.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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