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  • kerrywaffle kerrywaffle Mar 23, 2013 11:39 AM Flag

    Freddie and Fannie were the REAL CAUSE of the mortgage meltdown, along with democraps buying votes


    everything they get their hands on, is soon in ruin.

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    • Dodd Frank was in response to the melt down not the cause, only giving loans to people that can pay them is a good regulation !

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    • Anyone ever hear of Dodd & Frank? The real culprits!

    • Yep, that is why the entire worlds economies are struggling..japan europe, usa..etc.etc it is just the american politicians fault...your an idiot like so many who can not think for themselves...the wealthy have been abusing the regular folks all over the world for the last 1000 is finally catching up and people are tired of being slaves to just merely survive...over the last 50 years the last bit of blood has been squeezed out of the middle class around the world....not everyone wants to be wealthy...most of us just want to live a happy comfortable life...but the capitalistic greed has started interfering with that lifestyle and that is who you should focus your attention on...major corps, greedy ceos, banks, etc. etc. it is a world wide phenomenon not just an american quit being and idiot by letting them divide us into battling over politics while they laugh their way to greater wealth.

    • No DOC loans or lair loans started late 02 from deregulating banks and we had a republican president, senate and congress at the time, so blame Barry !

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    • The meltdown happened under Bushs watch and its the Democrats fault. You repugnents will lie in the face of God, what a joke. I guess it was Obamas idea to attack Iraq for stock piling phantom weapons of mass destruction. Here's a suggestion, we have a black man in the White house, except it, he's not going away. The majority of Americans felt he was the best man for the job, that means you criers are wrong, and the majority of American are right.

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