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  • med_investor med_investor Mar 24, 2013 11:48 AM Flag

    Cyprus solution

    Cyprus has 13 1/2 tons of gold and has the population size of Philadelphia, slip the euro control, tell big bank bond holders and bank stockholders "sorry, you lose out" because of bad bets on Greek Bonds, Establish a 10x fractional gold based Dinar or shilling/pound silver money will maintain strength and found a strong non inflating currency that the world will flock to....simply reissue your gold/silver money in proportion to citizens lost deposits.

    Euro zone needs more little Iceland type tough regiemes that tell the big bankers "Hell no, we won't pay for your bad bets, you damnable risk-junkie-losers" OFF OUR BACKS, GO TO JAIL!

    The other alternative is the US FED bailing them, what the hell is 10 bil....we do 85 bil each month of money printing to support the phoney stock market recovery...European domino collapse would cost us trillions and takes years for the world to recover from....make FED the world "bad bank" (it is already)

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