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  • garyjohnson34231 garyjohnson34231 Apr 19, 2013 8:08 AM Flag

    OBAMA has failed !

    We had only one attack in 8 years with Bush, now we have had 7 with OBAMA in 4+ years.

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    • Ah, but they were Bush's FAULT. :)

      Obama: responsible for NOSSING.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I doubt it matters who is president. These things will only escalate now.

    • During the presidency of George W. Bush, there were 12 attacks on U.S. embassies, resulting in 53 deaths.
      Two wars and his presidency cost 11.4 trillion.

    • ROTFLMAO if one card is all you've got, I guess you have to throw it on every trick. Have a nice day, "Deuce".

    • All politicians suck doesn't matter if there rep or dem there gonna bankrupt US if they don't stop spending
      Bush cost are country 10 trillion in war in Iraq never caught bin laden
      When all they had to do was a mission with the navy seals like it ended
      Also didvu notice Clinton had gas under $1/ gallon & bush ran gas up to $4.50/ gal
      Oil man & coincidence ? NO
      Will the smart men please come forward like warren buffet & run this country the right way

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      • Your first statement was right on track. but you went downhill fast from there, and by the time you got to Warren Buffett you were upside down in the ditch. ROTFLMAO so here's the real issue: almost all of our homegrown politicians emanate from two organizations; you even named them. As long as you're grooving on Seal missions, wouldn't it make more sense to forget about the jihadis for a month or two, and sic the Seals on the RNC and DNC leadership and infrastructure? ROTFLMAO just make sure Congress and the Supremes don't suffer any collateral damage; what an epic tragedy THAT would be.

      • The smart men like Warren Buffet don't want to run the country. They're realists. No one wants their private life placed under a magnifying glass. They most probably wouldn't survive it. Besides, you can't run a country like you can run a business, despite what arm-chair business/politico types would have you think. It takes a different skill set. But that skill set is clearly NOT evident in the current crop of those we've elected. Why "We the People" have allowed this degeneration in such skills amongst the elected is hard to say; though I will point out that they are a reflection We elected them after all.

        So it goes.

        American Net'Zen

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