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  • dwacorn dwacorn Apr 21, 2013 10:43 AM Flag

    Liberals love to import terrorism through uncontrolled immigration


    Domestic bombs help deflect Obama's ruthless taxation on workers and relentless spending on his White House parties and give-aways to buy votes. Healthcare premiums expected to increase 80% in 2014 after the big rate hikes this year. Complete domestic economic failure

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    • Bush was president when the bomber boys came here. Why didn't he stop them. I guess gop owns Boston too.

    • Imigration has more controls now than in the past and illegal immigration is way down. I might also point out that the bombers and their family came to the USA in 2002 and remind you of who controlled all branches of the government at that time.
      Evidence is also available that shows the white house expenses are in line with past levels but I know you would rather believe right wing lies than face factual evidence which is available if you want to find it. Economic failure occurred in 2007-2008 since then we have been recovering under the guidance of the present administration even in the face of opposition of forces you seem to support.

    • This methodology is the same as Lenin, Stalin and others who FORCED the populace to depend on BIG government to receive their benefits. Government controlled everything. Obama was raised by followers of the above, and another commie named Saul Alinsky was also their mentor. Obama is on the same "mission",however, we have a segment of our Society that is too challenged to comprehend this. They only want dem' we'fair checks en' free medic' too. Day' vote fo' any un' who giv' dem dat' Fact. Obama knows this, and plays them for the votes, and gets the votes with taxpayer money! Sickening individual, but (h)e has alot of people fooled. Sad.


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      • A little information on who Obama was "raised by"

        "Dunham studied at the East–West Center and at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Honolulu, where she attained a bachelor's in anthropology or mathematics[3] and master's and Ph.D. in anthropology.[4] Interested in craftsmanship, weaving and the role of women in cottage industries, Dunham's research focused on women's work on the island of Java and blacksmithing in Indonesia. To address the problem of poverty in rural villages, she created microcredit programs while working as a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development. Dunham was also employed by the Ford Foundation in Jakarta and she consulted with the Asian Development Bank in Gujranwala, Pakistan. Towards the latter part of her life, she worked with Bank Rakyat Indonesia, where she helped apply her research to the largest microfinance program in the world.[4]"

      • Your misinformation is too idiotic and racist to deserve a cogent reply.

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