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  • schuey9999 schuey9999 Apr 29, 2013 3:35 PM Flag

    I carry 5 iPhone 5's


    I wear two phones on each hip and carry one in my right jacket pocket. Whenever I go in Starbucks, I put my hands on my hips to hold the jacket back so everyone can see me carrying 4 iPhones on my belt? Do you think it looks impressive?

    Whenever I see an executive, I grab one of my iPhones and start tapping on it. They probably think I'm doing some important business.

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    • Dreamland, Dreamland, this is Viewerone.
      Schuey can you hear us?

    • Only 5? Every exec I know can spot a Democrat pretending to be a Republican when they start wasting money on redundant technology and bragging about all sorts of stuff they don't own because they think that's what the successful guy does. You think showing off is what it means to be Republican. It isn't. But what you think is instructive in that it shows how uneducated and petty you are. Conservatives use technology and other tools, they don't flash it. If they can afford better and it makes sense, they get it, regardless of how much of a petty jealous hissy fit trantrum a nobody like you would throw. Because it's none of your business what we do with our money. It's not yours, you didn't earn it, and you wouldn't know what to do with it if you had a clue how to earn it. Which you don't.

      The reality is that you are a caricature of yourself -- a hapless useful idiot who tries to score points with the important liberal morons in the hopes that one of them will waste their time and come away stupider for having read your inane post, and you think this will somehow enable you to curry favor as you hope to climb coattails as a useless bureaucrat trying to inflict government on everyone else to make up for your inadequacies as a person of less than useful intelligence. That may be a runon sentence, but I can fix it. You're wasting oxygen that a useful individual should be getting. Remedy that, would you?

    • what ring tones are you using schuey?

    • parisonr Apr 29, 2013 4:52 PM Flag

      You obviously have a lot of mental issues, to continue to post the nonsense that you do. You think you're helping the Democratic party, think again, people are laughing at you!

    • u r sooooo cool, god I suck I only have one

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