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  • zevoter01 zevoter01 Jul 21, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    US economy actually SHRUNK in the 4th Quarter...


    A truth democraps can nt face. There is no real growth period.

    Remember back in the closing weeks of the 2012 campaign... when Jack Welch questioned Labor Dept jobs stats that seemed to be cooked to prop-up Dear Leader on the eve of the election? If you'll recall, he stated (and was pilloried by the Left for it) that
    'The economy would have to be growing at a breakneck speed' to make such numbers possible... and just as Welch had suspected- it ain't.

    But it's even worse than any of us thought: now you know what politicized federal agencies, the MSM, and the Obama campaign worked so hard to obfuscate: that the real US economic growth -and job creation- they were telling us we should be so happy about doesn't even exist:

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    • Another lie from little z.

      "In the fourth quarter, real GDP increased 0.4 percent." Please notice the word "INCREASED". Do a Google search on "US GDP by quarter" The link at the top is to the US Dept. of Commerce: Bureau of Economic Analysis that has this quote in its first paragraph.

      Also you claim that economic news that is released in January of 2013 somehow was used to influence the election in November, 2012? Are you crazy? Well, yes, you are. Crazy and stupid.

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    • Illegals are not on my love list, for sure. But how about a congress that passes laws allowing for abortions including partial birth abortions? If we cannot protect a unborn child, what makes any of us think congress gives a damn about any of us? Jmho-bucko

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