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  • pfswsucks Sep 27, 2013 5:06 PM Flag

    Harry Reid: "We've passed the only bill that can avert a government shutdown"

    NO YOU DID NOT, you mealy mouth lying #$%$ !!

    The Representatives of the People in the House sent you a bill to continue funding the Government ..... but you whining Demobrats chose to NOT pass it !!

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    • You're quite the whiner yourself.

    • The President was elected by the entire U.S., All 50 states and won by a landslide. Some republicans in the house won their seats from votes by people we don't even consider Americans. Facts are Facts, the tea party is made up from the dumbest group of people in the U.S. If you want to look at the worst of slum states, look at states run by republicans. Lowest pay states are also run by republicans. We don't want our states to look anything like those run by republicans. Other than the north east of Texas, the state looks like Mexico.
      N.C. Gov just killed a bunch of people by stopping unemployment without notice, highest unemployment, kiss that state goodbye. Louisiana government gave their people hit by hurricane a one way ticket out of the state, they did not help anyone but the rich. New Mexico, leave out the New, welfare state. Mississippi welcome center is their top attraction. You know, you can buy a 2 bedroom flat on first ave. N.Y.C. or for the same money you can buy a town in a republican state, sad.

    • Yeh, the brownshirts in the senate & WH are heavy into the propaganda, and you can see from the low-info crowd on this board that it works on them. Brainwashed fools.

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