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  • geraldmcginty2 geraldmcginty2 Sep 30, 2013 8:35 AM Flag

    Two very large, dishonest derivative players will bring down the world financial markets

    Look at the tell signs on both the NASDAQ/NYSE. What is happening is stagnation in the major indices. This happens when the large derivative players are shifting their positions. They are now moving money and are going to bet against both markets. In the past this is when large corrections take place (over 10 percent). The large derivative players are the ones that run the indices. For example look at Warren Buffet; he is a heavy derivative player that has, over the last five years, substantially decreased his position in stocks and gone the derivative route. Smart, rich player. Derivative are an easy way to hide large losses can be covered up. The SEC does not understand this and they cannot track this. The result is no regulation. It will only take one major, dishonest derivative player to send our financial systems into ruin.

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    • transatlanticvictoryismine transatlanticvictoryismine Sep 30, 2013 8:37 AM Flag

      You post this same message here and on other finance message boards. You hide behind a fake name, fine. you should be directing your actions toward contacting the securities and exchange commission and the us justice dept, provided you have actual proof to support your claims.

    • Keep looking and connect the dots. If this helps I will add some credibility:
      1. In 1988 I wrote a paper at Ohio State University about satellite TV to a Dr Jeff Rodgers; I still have the graded paper and the 3 1/2 floppy to prove this. Satellite TV was supposedly discovered in 1990.
      2. I bought a brand new 2006 Toyota Prius just before gas prices rose sharply and stayed at elevated levels.
      3. Four months before Hurricane Sandy hit the East cost I lowered my deductible on my Home Owners insurance from $1500 to $500. I live in NJ, but I was lucky and no damage occurred to my home.
      4. Two years before the LIBOR manipulation occurred I knew about it and talked about it openly when my passsengers plane was up in maintenance in Hartford, CT to Dave Popowich and at a pool party on Long Island.

      All of it true! Good Luck

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