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  • dump.obamie Oct 1, 2013 3:24 PM Flag

    Senate rejects call from the House to form bicameral committee to resolve the differences between the two chambers.

    That's how it has been done for over 200 years.

    Democrats insist they would not agree to that approach unless and until the House approves a "clean" budget bill. But wait ..... if the House passed a "clean" bill there would be no need for a bicameral committee!

    Who is keeping the Government shut down? Who refuses to negotiate? .... DEMOCRATS! Pure and simple!

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    • First the Repugs don't want to compromise in 2009 and the bill passes. you don;t get it, its the LAW thats why we want a clean bill. i find it very funny for 2 years no compromise yet right in the end it all about compromise.

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      • Listen, dogwipe, let's use that same argument on illegal aliens. It's the LAW to deport them. And it was the LAW not to delay the mandate, but zero did that anyway. He's broken the LAW far more than twice in his administration, so let's jail him, okay? But while everybody is defying the LAW, you are complaining that the only people abiding by the law aren't doing the lawless behavior you want from them so you can keep being a bootlicking govt Demcong slave? And who is "we"? You are a virtual nobody, meaning you aren't even real enough to be a real nobody. You're a wannabe nobody. And a wannabe Demcong nobody, at that. The syphilitic Demcong have refused to compromise and opted instead to shut down the government, saving taxpayers millions every day. Maybe even billions. If you think we're unhappy about that, well, don't throw me into that briar patch, no no nooooooooooooooo.....

    • Obama believes he is the Messiah and inbred morons on this board follow him blindly

    • Spot on!!

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