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  • pfswsucks Oct 7, 2013 3:13 PM Flag

    Where is the BUDGET for the United States ? ! ? ! ?

    How are you Obamacrats planning to cut any spending when you don't have a Budget ??

    Obama just keeps on demanding Continuing Resolutions and higher Debt Ceilings !!

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    • pfs, not to worry any longer.....The gop is only a headstone now. gop will lose every presidential election for the rest of it's days........end of story.

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      • You should for your own sake hope that is not the case. Otherwise, it means we have become a nation only of takers with a dictator in charge, which has never stood throughout all of recorded history. And per the book, this nation of gifts from the producers will cease to exist in less than 10 years, along with all of your emotional laws and your entitlements. Being an emotional liberal pantywetter, Rose, is not going to be worth very much when the system melts down. Being an emotional liberal pantywetter, you probably didn't know that. Consider yourself better informed now. You're welcome.

    • Why can't the Demcong tell us how they intend to pay the debt? Why? WHY??? This house of cards is just hours from complete collapse without a plan to pay the 80+ trillion in unfunded liabilities and the $17+ trillion in current direct liabilities. Every American household owes nearly $150,000 in federal debt. When the collapse comes, all liberal programs will immediately cease to exist, as will all false government-granted "rights". The Demcong need to stop worrying about destroying liberty and defining new "rights", and instead focus on their complete and utter disregard for fiscal responsibility. Where are you on this, Demcong liberals?

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