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  • koufax62 koufax62 Oct 24, 2013 10:25 PM Flag

    Taxing Situation for U.S. Youth

    Here's a little light reading tidbit I uncovered for diversionary entertainment purposes!

    Last year when the Affordable Care Act was being debated in the Supreme Court, Justice Samuel Alito pointed out that the crucial component central to the sustainability of Obamacare is the concentration of cost burden on healthy American youth ages 18-35 to offset the cost of covering older Americans with pre-existing conditions.

    Currently, on average within the 18-35 age group, $854. annually is what is spent on health care .Based on non-partisan estimates, state exchanges need at least 2.7M signed up in the 18-35 year old category and spend a minimum of $5800. on average. If not, the state exchanges will FAIL!

    In fairness, with the IRS Sheriff of Nottingham bounty hunters on the case, the 2.7M enrolled SHOULD rise to numbers that will spread the overall cost out to more palatable levels. Also in fairness, Justice Alito is a staunch conservative BUT, his comments right about now have a kind of Nostradamus quality to it, don't you think?



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    • The under 50 crowd are screwed in this country

    • Rarely has a Government program that promised so much to so many fallen apart so fast. The passage of the bill, in June 1988, was celebrated on both sides as a bipartisan success story in which the White House and the Congress teamed up to provide new medical benefits for the elderly: a ceiling on hospital and doctor bills, expanded payments for nursing home care and prescription drugs, and much more.

      But it is now clear that the Reagan White House and the Democrats on Capitol Hill, acting on a set of flawed political calculations, combined to give the elderly ''too much, all at once, and we decided we were going to charge them for it,'' in the words of Senator Dave Durenberger, Republican of Minnesota. Little Grass-Roots Support
      Once the program arrived on Capitol Hill, the Democrats seized on it as the vehicle for sweeping health benefits for the elderly and for some disabled and needy people. And at Mr. Reagan's insistence, the entire bill was sent to the elderly, in the form of an extra monthly Medicare premium and a surtax for people over 65 with incomes above $35,000.
      On Wednesday, the House voted 360 to 66 to repeal the program it had approved just 16 months ago by a vote of 328 to 72. The Senate did not go that far; on Friday it voted 99 to 0 to repeal the surtax and retain only the long-term hospital benefits, eliminating the ceiling on doctor bills, expanded nursing home benefits and drug benefits. The Senate had approved the bill in 1988 by a vote of 86 to 11

    • And guess how elected Obama twice. Good for them, they deserve what they get.

    • Take heart everyone, silver linings materialize at unexpected moments in time.

      The good news is Affordable Care doesn't discriminate based on political ideology.

      Ever see a liberal confronted (adversely effected) "head on", particularly financially, by his or her political principles?

      Not a pretty sight, I can assure you!

      Laissez-faire libertarian


    • Sounds like yet another unpaid entitlement left to children to pay off. I really dont think it will be our children anymore without growth I don't see how we don't have a government debt crisis in as little as a few years. Boy that will make 2008 look like a party compared to what's coming when the big one hits

    • The only people signing up are those who will get it free( obamas people), and those who are sick.
      That is it....most other people work and have Insurance

      • 2 Replies to doin_alittle
      • Horsepucky. My daughter is 26, single, no kids, with a master's in occupational therapy (magna cum laude). Based in Massachusetts, she works through various agency as a contractor (a "Travel OT") in Arizona (primarily greater Phoenix area schools systems). SOMETIMES she has access to and and coverage under employer-provided insurance plans that she pays dearly for, (sorry, I don't have an exact number since those plans are always changing, expiring at the end of a school year, absent altogether between contracts, or not yet in effect thanks to a new agency's 30-day waiting period for benefits to kick in on a new job). Even when she IS covered, though, these plans never seem to cover much. She is practically doing handsprings about the prospect of access to an AFA plan costing around $500 a month that will actually cover her for both minor and major illnesses, catastrophic illnesses and injuries (with a high deductible), preventative tests and wellness programs, etc. More significantly, it will also cover medical expenses associated with pre-existing conditions (in her case, mitral valve leakage since birth, migraines since childhood, and kidney stones since her early teens). And then there's the BIG bonus: she can actually preserve her coverage (on a pay-as-you go basis) when she's between jobs with no income . You can fling all the BS horror stories and made-up numbers you want against the cyberwall, but out there in the real world my real daughter knows how to do real math and spend her real, hard-earned money responsibly (in a good year, almost 70K, and in a bad one, not even 40). She's bright, hard-working, competent, a risk-taker, and doing better than about 95% of her contemporaries from high school and college. You better hope you never make the mistake of laying your spiel on'll be looking to recover some of the costs incurred when the nice folks in the ER finish extracting HER knuckle sandwich from YOUR bleeding trachea ROTFLMAO

      • Hence...if you already have insurance, it wont affect you.

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