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  • garyjohnson34231 garyjohnson34231 Nov 9, 2013 3:46 AM Flag

    Lies and Anger

    As I drive about Town, on occasion I will venture upon that poor delusional motorist with the familiar blue bumper sticker "Hope and Change -- Obama 2012." At first I chuckle and say to myself, "Isn't this driver embarrassed to display that? Is the change the voter really wants his loss of personal freedom of choice?" At the next stop light I pull next to the "Hope and Change" advertiser. I see that it is a just another everyday Joe like me or a woman going about her daily errands. I now feel pity for them -- can they really be that naïve? Surely they have heard about the health care lies, Benghazi lies, the IRS specific targeting lies, spying on the press lies, Fast and Furious weapon scandal lies, etc.

    Pity goes away quickly and now anger and frustration develop toward this Obama ideologist. I now realize that he or she is the reason we have to deal with the systematic lies and the beginning of the destruction of our democratic way of life.

    The stop light now turns green. As I drive away from this misled driver, I can only hope he or she received a health insurance cancellation letter in the mail recently. I feel better now and again chuckle to myself.

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