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  • hacker_boob hacker_boob Nov 15, 2013 9:30 PM Flag

    The community organizer is in over his head

    He has no experience in the medical profession which makes up 16% of the economy yet, he thinks he can run it. He has no experience in the insurance industry, yet he thinks he can run it. He had no experience in running a large corporation like GM, yet he made a big investment in it and lost a small fortune of taxpayers' money on GM stock. He has no experience in negotiations and the mideast is falling apart. He drew a line in the sand in Syria which Syria crossed. Syria used chemical weapons on its citizens and lives to use them again, once another line is drawn. Nowhere on the clown's resume was there any indication that he could run anything other than his mouth, yet, the lib loons voted for him. Hey, lib loons, how is this hope and change stuff workin' for ya. If only you could rename obamacare to something like Bushcare. That would get ya off the hook, huh?

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    • By your criteria Obama is a great financial executive
      "AIG, which sucked in far more federal aid than Chrysler and GM combined, repaid the last of its assistance by buying back shares from Treasury. In a result that defied even the most optimistic projections, the taxpayers wound up receiving $205 billion in proceeds on the $182.3 billion in aid they had extended. That’s a “profit” of $22.7 billion.

      Meanwhile, the Capital Purchase Program, the central component of TARP, in which the government purchased interest-bearing preferred shares in banks, is winding down at a profit. As this chart shows, taxpayers sent $245 billion out the door in the CPP and in related programs to provide extra aid and insurance to Citigroup and Bank of America. Of that total, $234 billion of capital has been returned. The government has profited by pocketing insurance premiums it sold to Bank of America and Citigroup, and by selling shares of Citigroup it received in exchange for extra aid. That’s another $9.37 billion. In addition, the government has collected $15.31 billion in dividends and reaped $9.28 billion for selling warrants in the banks. In all, that’s $267.90—or a “gain” of nearly $23 billion. Considered as a mutual fund of bank shares, the CPP has had quite a good run."

    • I agree don't forget the false green company which ended up being a giveaway to the wealthy democrat handlers. Many of those dummy corporations got their loan and quickly went belly up

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