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  • garyjohnson34231 garyjohnson34231 Nov 18, 2013 8:24 AM Flag

    Obama wants ACA to fail.

    Obama wants the ACA to fail. Then he can get what he really wants !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    A "Single Payer Insurance System".
    So you Democraps understand, this means that the Gov. will run the Health Care like Medcare and when you recieve your pay check they will take out for that also.
    If you don't have a job, you pay nothing just like Medicaid. If you do have a Job and are under Medicaid you won't pay." All his voters" will get free Insurance.

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    • Fine with me if we get a Single Payer Insurance System. Wishing the ACA fails is a case where getting what the Republicans wish for may not be what they wanted. I'm on Medicare which is basically a form of a Single Payer plan although I have to buy supplemental insurance through AARP and a private insurance provider.

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    • Developed countries other than the US have per person medical costs around half that of the US & higher life expectancy. With very few exceptions, developed countries other than the US have single payer plans. (Other than Switzerland, who?) You'd think that, at some point, we could gather enough political sense to move away from our highly inefficient insurance company based system. But the R Party, whose ideology holds that an industry which isn't doing the job should go away, seems to think that the bureaucrats of the health insurance industry are all that stands between us and the bureaucrats of Stalin.

    • The plan was to get everyone signed up first ..... then screw up the payments to doctors and hospitals ..... then blame the insurance companies and demand single payer.

      Dumbama can't even execute his own plan!

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