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  • geraldmcginty10 geraldmcginty10 Jan 16, 2014 4:42 AM Flag

    Two very large, dishonest derivative players will bring down the world financial markets


    Look at the tell signs on both the NASDAQ/NYSE. What is happening is stagnation in the major indices. This happens when the large derivative players are shifting their positions. They are now moving money and are going to bet against both markets. In the past this is when large corrections take place (over 10 percent). The large derivative players are the ones that run the indices. For example look at Warren Buffet; he is a heavy derivative player that has, over the last five years, substantially decreased his position in stocks and gone the derivative route. Smart, rich player. Derivative are an easy way to hide large losses can be covered up. The SEC does not understand this and they cannot track this. The result is no regulation. It will only take one major, dishonest derivative player to send our financial systems into ruin

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    • Look all, the world's only "Derivative Dope" is back. It sure has been a while. I thought he must have been put in a padded cell somewhere as he is obviously batschit crazy. I will give him this though: he definitely has his own thing going and is more creative than your average timberdope.

    • Did you write that up all by your lonesome self? Looks like a cut-n-paste. My question is very basic. How do you know any of the derivative players are doing as claimed? Derivative players, by nature of the tactic, are highly secretive. Answer? You don't. You (or more likely the original writer of the commentary) are guessing. No harm in that. Just be's all a WAG based on commentary and supposition unsubstantiated by any posted facts. As such I will act accordingly. (VBG)

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    • Shorts spreading Fear. More Fear, and MOre FeAr! Please. NO FEAR HERE! I eat fear every day for lunch. That's why Derivatives are better that owning the stock. Less Risk of Capital.

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