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  • adsx_and_asgxf_investor adsx_and_asgxf_investor Mar 27, 2014 10:18 PM Flag

    BAC in red on super good news

    You know why people avoid this manipulated stock market now I hope.
    This unfair game was designed to steal your money.
    FYI: This is not true that our President was made by a soft d$ck. Just watch him in the next few weeks.
    Support Mr. Obama !

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    • If you truly feel this way about the market then why are you playing at its gaming table? I presume this is what you're doing else why bother to care at all? The bottom line on this game is it's composed of human beings. Human beings all of whom are vying for advantage, profit and self-interested gain. It stands to reason there will be aspects of the game that will be subject to all the usual human foibles. There is no overt, game-wide, manipulation. There is no concerted attempt to remove you from your money (that's all up to you). You need to recognize this going in if you're a player....and it's also a good idea to become a refined student of human nature as well as a student on the psychology of crowds/herds. It'll stand you in good stead. Now let's see how today unfolds. Bid $17.10.

    • it's nothing more than organized crime really..first you have to ask yourself who is the " market " really it may surprise you lol.because the market is not buyers n sellers

    • I bought in at 6 per share. I did not lose money. Obama is a European union bred communist, and is destroying liberty with the stroke of a pen. Get your headoutofyourass and educate yourself.moron.

    • People forget that with billions of shares out, there are billions of reasons why they are bought and sold. Maybe they rode up from 8 dollars, not like you who bought at 17. BAC will surely outperform, the question is ,,outperform what. The macro environment has been calling for a correction for years now and they are starting to scream for it. Myself, I dont see a major correction, perhaps a pullback lasting a month and a half or so, I think the mentality is we are beyond the great financial crisis, companies are profiting and that market metrics are returned to about normal. More upside. Maybe sooner, maybe later, but we are not going to go back to 2008 and everyone knows it.

    • Not sure if you noticed but the whole market was down today. And banks were down more than the market on Citi news. When I started investing in the early 1990's the DJIA was below 5,000. Now 23 years later and after 2 major market declines we are at 16000. So tell me again how this is manipulated and unfair. For a game designed to take our money it is amazing how it has tripled in value. Maybe you just not a very good investor.

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        A good investor knows that it is common knowledge that the broad market indices, especially the DJIA, has been manipulated for ages. This is by replacing bearish companies with bullish ones.

        Over the years, the great majority of companies have perished, and long before that happened, replaced by new, stronger companies. It is like a horse race where you get to constantly replace the tired horses by strong ones in the course of the race, and then boast about the distance traversed.

        The high value of broad market indices are deceptive illusions, but they help dupe the naive and gullible into "buy & hold" and so-called "investing for the long-term". Financial myths are highly profitable for Wall Street, but very costly for Main Street.

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