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  • yknot117 yknot117 Nov 4, 2004 11:02 AM Flag

    Another view

    This is a long term holding.

    Everything about TCS has been very accomplished over the past 3 years, incredible when you think about it. Telco meltdown and they keep chugging along. Relative performance up until the last few month has been good.

    Now that they are back under 1X sales what does this tell you? It tells me that the market will only reward potential for so long. Top line progress with no corresponding improvement to the bottom line is not going to cut it. How much cash did they generate last qtr?

    No this continues to set up in a positive way if LBS comes to fruition at even 50% of what the pudits predicted. The opportunities to build a deeper position at these prices should be noted, discounting the next 2 qtrs. Its tough for thse who have been in awile to hold on but anyone looking for a tech with big upside this has to be a good speculation. This is going to be alright in the next year. Sounds like they are aware of costs and 1 million a qtr is a start. Those R & D dollars are the key. If they can monetize some of that IP this company would be looked at as a true leader in the feild and would get some respect. Right now its no profit = no respect in the market.

    Bought some more yesterday seems overdone to me. How much is Brazil worth to TCS with 25 million subs? Must be a tiny platform because there was no reaction to the stock in what seems like a big win.

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