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  • Neil_Hollands_Uncle Neil_Hollands_Uncle Dec 26, 2002 11:01 AM Flag

    I'm Gone! Out of BRCD!

    I sold BRCD this morning. I need a home run really bad (like a double or triple) or I'm back to being a wage slave (no more trading for me). I figure RBAK has a much better chance than BRCD to double in January. Especially with RBAK earnings coming out on 1/15/03 and the router market recovering next year. I think BRCD will be a winner in 2003, with it's cash on hand, positive cash flow and Rhapsody acquistion. Hang in there. You will be rewarded. I might even buy back into BRCD sometime in January.

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    • I hope you guys are just joking. To "bail" out of BRCD at this lowest point is absolutely insane. We are forming a concrete bottom, there is not much of a downside for this stock. With any slightly positive news, BRCD could double in a hurry. I consider this stock the best long play on NASDAQ today.

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      • As I said in my post. I don't think BRCD is a bad company to be holding at these levels. I'm sure BRCD longs will do well with this company. It's in good shape and should rebound nicely next month.

        It's really just a matter of the grass being greener elsewhere. I need a double badly or else I'm neading back to the work world as a wage slave and I don't want that. So, I'm going for a home run from the January erfect. Something that could easily double from current levels. I think RBAK is that stock as the router market turns around and Nokia continues to find markets for their products (NOK has a huge investment in RBAK). RBAK has earnings on 1/15/03. After the RBAK play I'll see where BRCD is trading and prehaps jump back in. BRCD is a winner in 2003. I just doubt it will double by 1/15/03 and RBAK has that potential.

    • Yeah, I don't blame you. This has a really really slow and painful few weeks for BRCD Longs.
      When it moves it goes two or three cents up.
      When it goes down.. its down over 20 cents and more...

      I am wondering when BRCD will actually move up?? Hope i won't lose my faith.

    • dam it i sold as well..took a little loss..

      this stock does not move..i'll buy back when it starts to move..


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