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  • diskdrivemaker diskdrivemaker Feb 8, 2005 2:47 PM Flag

    DOW JONES again posts OLD NEWS!

    Yes he is, but that does not mean he is not owned by the corporations and the lobbyist.

    I am not a political activist, but every action Bush has taken has benefited some corporation or lobby group.

    Please identify any action that has benefited the average American Citizen.

    You can mention the Iraq war, but statiscally, more innocent Iraqi citizens have been killed in the last 2 years than Saddam would have killed with his terrible dictatorship in the next 5 years, so which is worse.

    The war is about oil, Haliburton, and driving the deficit so high that the American Public will be scared into approving anything that Bush proposes because he has scared us into it.

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    • Still better than kerry the Communist sympathizer/traitor.

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      • Then you agree that the US should declare war on Cuba. How about an evil dictator, with people living well below poverty levels, just minutes from the US. Oh, wait......... no oil. Can I interest you in a cigar?

      • He took his mother's name not his grandfather when he came from Europe in 1905. His brother has taken their original faith Judism, but John took Roman Catholic becasue he lived in BOSTON!? Ore popular way?

        He was programed to run!

        If Bush had been Kerry(Kohn) the press would have creamed BUSH worse than they did!!!

        The liberal left deserves what they got a loser! Now they have Dean & Hillary and they will lose again!



    • Is his fight to import cheap labor under H1B and right to work programs better for "corporations" and the massively overpaid executives (read his buddies) or for the average Joe trying to make a middle class living?

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      • This a a good point.

        Why is Bush so in favor of this cheap labor. His exact response " they are doing the jobs that the American people will not do ".

        What kind of leader is that. Is he saying that we are too lazy, too complacent, too eogotistical, too proud, what is he saying.

        What he is saying is that he has allowed this low price labor to come into the US, to allow employers the right to hire them, and increase corporate profits, and the executives of these companies are making 100 200, 500, million a year.

        In Japan, a corporate office, manager, director, CEO, cannot make more than 20 times the lowest paid employee in the company. What does that tell you.

        If we are concerned , then ask any citizen of Arizona or New Mexico, about their concern of these immigrants. They are not all Hispanic, and a lot of Middle East people are getting into the country on the coat tails of the Hispanic.

        We are not safer, we are more exposed than ever.

        When my daughters go to school, I am not concerned about terrorist, I am concerned about drugs, rapists, drunk drivers, all the things where Bush is cutting the budget. This terrorist threat is a hoax, more money for the anti-terrorist corporations, who, like the proposed nominee Kerick, has apartments in NY for his girlfriends.

        I was in London 2 months ago, and the people there are very confused about how we are allowing ourselfs to be so brainwashed by this president. They can't believe that a country built on democracy and independence, a country they respect, has allowed us to give into this kind of scare tactics.

    • If the were were truly about democracy and not control of oil, then when is Bush going to "request" that the Saudi's and Pakastani's have open elections for their leadership?

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      • The Pakistanis have NUKES Dubya cant say much to them. For the Saudis, they have OIL so Dubya cant say much to them. For North Korea, they have NUKES cant fight them. For China, well they have MONEY, PEOPLE, NUKES & JINGOISM, certainly cannot tell them anything. U see the point, Dubya can only go after Iraq,Afghanistan,Iran and Syria and thats it.

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