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  • margincallscomingpumperz margincallscomingpumperz May 24, 2005 9:34 AM Flag

    Don't blame me because you margined

    out the ying yang. You knew the risks.

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    • I don't know who your comment was directed toward and it's unimportant to me what you think. But just for the record:

      I personally don't blame anyone for anything that I do period. I invest in the market the way I choose to invest. Conversley, I don't give credit for earning eight figures in the market over the last 40 plus years except myself.

      I'm a gambler and I enjoy the rush I get from hitting jackpots. Unfortunely, BRCD isn't one of them at this time. It did have the potential just not the critical ingredient, good Mngt. Hopefully that will change for all our sakes.

      It may get back to where I bgt. it but if it doesn't, no big deal. When you lose on some you win on others. It's never how you start but how you finish that matters.

      I've made it a point to always wish the best of luck to everyone and enjoy watching others win and be successful. I know full well what I wish for others is what will come my way with time.

      No one likes to lose and especially have the loss thrown in their face by a few ill manored morons from dysfunctional parents unwilling or unable to provide proper home training.
      JMO Good Luck to You and All

    • Not one single person has blamed YOU or anyone else for margins. Its the constant nasty, in your face bullshit that isn't necessary.

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