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  • becarefulwhatyoupay becarefulwhatyoupay Dec 5, 2007 9:08 PM Flag

    short perspective ?

    I listened to the recent Quarterly review conference call and got a sense of the current state of Brocade's business.
    The company is financially sound.
    My broker, Schwab, rates the stock a B which is good.
    What is the short argument here ?
    Is it macroeconomic issues , concerns about future capital spending by existing and future customers ?
    Is it concerns that Brocade has too concentrated of a customer base ?

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    • Brcd is an excellent company in transision as the new management assimilates the 2007 acquisitions and puts the options b/s in rear view mirror. Results were excellent and ceo couldn't have been more positive, almost euphoric! What companies do anymore means little; whereas, what some analyst/journalist says influences the shareholders who are less and less informed about their holdings [especially fund managers].
      i held brcd in 2007 for awhile until i got the move up i wanted and sold. I re-entered recently and will do the same, wait until the fundamentals are "talked about" by the wall street folks........then price will respond!!!!!!!!
      i have no faith in stock prices being rational as long as "analysts expectations" are a part of the comparisons. When's the last time you saw/read/heard about "actual results" comparisons?????
      i'm about 75% out of market, [probably for good], and just dabbling with five stocks, playing the waiting game........ No sense to be aggravated or annoyed over the daily "crap"!
      good luck in 2008.........

    • I certainly agree with you on tech. I'm a tech-fiend. Good night.

    • becasue more of our goods will be consumed elsewhere...
      ultimatley offsetting our deficit.
      becasue our companies will be "selling" those goods and services... since our weaker dollar makes our goods competitve with any foreign goods.

      It's not a long term "good" ... just while global growth is occuring imo.

      I really gotta crash...
      good night..
      stay strong!
      ...and semper fi for any devil dogs out there!

    • Put it this way... it is as simple as i can make it.

      the world has evolved at a particularly predictable pace for some time throughout history...up until the mid 1900�s

      Introduce the computer.... and we have progressed in almost in a �Fibonacci� pace.

      So, I ask you�. Should tech be compared with ole world big blue stocks?
      I think the Naz needs to separate from the DOW and truly drive our economy in the 2000�s and beyond�

      The DOW is made up of all the 20th century stocks�imo
      NAZ is made up of our future.

      Tech will dictate the speed at which we evolve folks. It is the catalyst�.
      There is no multiple� just review our growth in the last 20 years.
      Enough said�

      ...little long winded tonight.. sorry if i upset, offended... ticked off... (starting to feel like a pharma commercial... ) ...anybody in anyway shape or form...
      good night.

    • I respect your opinion, but I seem to be in the minority in thinking the weak dollar is very bad for our future. We're supposed to be the biggest consumers in a global economy. I don't see how that's going to work (prices against us).

    • good discussion...

      i think the bear...will sleep though...
      I came back into the market.... because i think the otential tech growth ovr the next 10-20 years will build the "global" growth infastructure... I want to be ahead of that growth..
      plus we have made our markets soo attractive to outsiders its not even funny anymore...

      when your trading twice our currency....which many are.... BRCD is only a $3 and something stock to these people....
      it's pure craziness....

      I like the weak dollar while global growth is occuring... but, our equities should also be protected by our people...
      confidence is weak....but, it might bite us if we don't watch it!

    • The recent Advance Decline line for Naz hasn't been that great. RIMM, GRMN, GOOG, AAPL have been carrying it.

      The retailers/general public were burned by tech not too long ago. They're not going to put money in a busniess they don't understand. And if they do understand it, BRCD might still bring bad memories. So, right now, the hedgies make tons of money moving this around. They'll bring it back. For BIG money, we need more exposure.

      I'd like to say the key is avoiding a recession, but Bush will make sure of that. That will seem great at first. But down the road ... it's going to be one hell of a bear market. imo.

    • there is only "hidden" selling pressure! Us small guys have no clue what is going sounds very strong...
      stock price seem very weak? Somebody or group of people want to keep 'er down...
      price action seems pressured at "key" times... means there is no program logic... there is "real" logic behind the action.....
      becasue selling has matched any uptick in buyng pressure...
      almost a perfect match....

      we don't know...

      but I would be willing to pay to know?
      action doesn't seem logical anymore.
      Math is my bread and butter....
      this reaks of math stress to the downside..which one would conclude short term break out...
      but, i gotta say... this has defied any logic i can understand.... reaks of something underlying....
      else... reeks of manipulation...
      call me out! I'm calling it!
      this has to break out of it's trend... or, give us the message why!

      i don't want to here techincians either...
      because charts are always post analytical.
      not foresight! charts don't track emotion!

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