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  • oilman95762 oilman95762 Dec 3, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    Hey, Naive Newbies to Brocade...

    The Brocade board is now full of naive and ignorant newbies who think they know it all. Their first big mistake is to overanalyze the stock into believing it's undervalued and ready to pop to the upside. Get serious and do your homework!!

    Brocade has been a serial underperformer for years, especially since the debacle of the Foundry Networks buyout. The company gets no respect from investors and, as such, it's now a "show me" stock. It's NOT going anywhere until they can substantially grow revenues.

    Bottom line, regardless of the recent improvements in earnings and cash flow, Brocade will have to break out of the $2.0-$2.2 billion annual revenue range to attract serious buying interest. Once they produce a $600+ million quarter, the stock will move back to $7+. Until then, look for more of the same old trading range.

    Good luck, newbies. You're going to need it!!

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    • I can't believe all the totally silly asinine comments from the newbies on the board. These clueless idiots pounding on keyboards in their parents basement will lose their lunch money and then ask mommy for more so they can play with the big boys!!

      Heh, heh, hehe, hehe.................................

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      • oilman,
        I don’t understand your stubbornness and narrow view of yours.
        BRCD is a small cap but it amazing generate a lot of cash and if it continues to perform as it has done in past few quarters then it deserve much higher multiple and PPS.

        Growth: Revenue grew every year since 2006 even in the worst economic condition from $.75 B to $2.2 B.
        Debt: Net cash grew from -$1073 M to +$108 since 2009.
        R&D: Many new products were created to position the company for future.

        Software and service: The Company has become strong in software and service.

        So, with above, BRCD is a very attractive investment and a target for acquisition.

        Sentiment: Buy

    • Its exactly what I have been attempting to convey. All these board newbies and "experts" don't understand that BRCD cannot grow much more than it has without a NEW management developing NEW PRODUCTS creating additional growth for revenue near or at the midcap range. REPEAT-at present Brocade is nothing more than a "partially manipulated" stock and an excellent asset for going short/day trading to make a few dollars. Sure, it may spike a bit and reach $7+ on positive changes such as Klayco finally out, but if you do not sell quickly and turn those paper profits into hard cash, you will lose whatever you gained in quick fashion. IMO it is going to take at least 2-3 quarters before a new CEO and the "wonder boy" Brocade hired from Cisco may make progress in research and new product development creating additional growth and subsequent investor interest . That will be the time to possibly go long.

    • A new crop of know-nothing newbies have invaded the Brocade board and show their true ignorance with silly naive nonsense. Wonder how long before they move on and another bunch of idiots move in??!! Seems like nothing ever changes with Brocade, especially the stock trading range!!

    • The newbies to the Brocade board are now running around scared, asking "what happened" like frightened little kids!!

      You obnoxious know-it-all jerks are going to get jacked around, simply because that's what Brocade does!! Your smart aleck ANAL-ysis means nothing in trading Brocade. It's hard for either longs or shorts to make money in this stock. Get used to it, newbies!!

    • Let me help you here. The first thing an experienced investor you may learn is that you should never become so confident in one way of thinking or boxing yourself in a narrow vision. Worse is to tell others that this is the only way since it has been this way in the past. Imagine people who did not buy AAPL below $10 and even $100 or $300.
      Or another way around, think about all banks with so many analysts and mathematicians in their side that could not figure out what was happening in 2009.

      So, please do your research and come up with your opinion but don’t call others newbie or any other way since you think you know it all and you have figured it out. If you invest with this kind of mentality, you are set up yourself for a big failure. You will waste your time and money eventually.

      Sentiment: Buy

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