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  • lbosugrad lbosugrad Dec 11, 2012 3:41 PM Flag

    CEO Replacement Opinions

    Well, here is what we know.

    1. They are looking for a replacement.

    2. Klayco said last month this would probably be his last quarterly press conference as CEO.

    3. Brocade hired a Top Gun from Cisco.

    4. Klayco Buys 60K shares, probably in a trust.

    5. SDN is rising, virtual management is what the big guys want.

    6. Dell and Cisco privately and public-ally admit they made mistakes in purchases

    7. BRCD is trading at a 6 Forward PE

    Thoughts please, but I want no thoughts from Oilman, he owns at least 45K shares,
    but never anything positive to say so he is a short seller and a liar.

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    • Oilman may have 45K shares but they are in in his own twisted little mind in his own twisted little world..

    • It does seem very odd that finding a new ceo is taking as long as it has.There must be 100's of well qualified candidates out there that woulf likely jump at the chance at being the top gun.The only thing that makes any sense at all is that parallel outcomes may be going on where a new ceo will not be required..

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      • Why anyone wants to risk his current job for a position as BRCD CEO while the company is for sale?
        Finding a CEO with the help of a high paid agent is not hard. Heck, if it takes more money to find a CEO then the BOD should go for it.

        After all, the company is very generous to pay the management a big money and free shares every quarter and I don’t see any problem spending a little bit more money to find a good CEO.

        The only strange thing is about the BOD action in current situation.
        May be some member of BOD are in bed with some corrupt hedge funds and they are milking the company as long as they can.

        Paying big money to an agent to find a CEO should not take months and months since it disappoints shareholders, customers and employees. Basically, the BOD action is destroying the company deliberately or accidentally.

        I see no action or direction from BOD and most shareholders are kept in the dark.
        And when shareholders are in the dark then opportunists can take advantage of them.

        Shareholders should take some legal action against the company and its BOD.

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