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  • gov.aid_dependents_are_trash gov.aid_dependents_are_trash Jan 15, 2013 3:41 PM Flag

    Becoming a nation of deadbeats??

    President Obama said on Monday that “we are not a nation of deadbeats,” but instead a people who “pay our bills.”


    A close look at the data reveals a very different story — and one that gets far too little airing in public discourse.

    Far from paying our bills, the current generation of Americans — or some of them — have set records for default which probably have no parallel in the history of the human race. During the last five years, U.S. individuals have walked away from a staggering $585 billion in mortgages, credit card debts and other personal loans. That works out at about $6,000 per household.

    And if the numbers are to be believed, there is probably a lot more to come.

    People are so used to getting free stuff from the government for nothing that nobody wants to pay their bills anymore.How pathetic so many in the current generation of americans have become.

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    • And it is only going to get worse. As in Greece the children of the deadbeats are not only learning this from their parents, but seeing what others get for free from the government gives them an "I am entitled too" attitude.

      Obama wants people who are underachievers to be rewarded and the over achievers to be penalized.

      He does this not only with entitlement programs, but also with big and small business. How many successful companies have we seen Obama support, and how many failing companies got money, and still failed. He hates success, at any level.

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      • gov.aid_dependents_are_trash gov.aid_dependents_are_trash Jan 15, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

        Without a doubt obama has made it crystal clear that he has nothing but contempt and disdain for the successful wealthier class of americans.He looks at them as merely a source of new funding that should be taken from them and given to pathetic disgraceful class of americans that refuse to support themselves.Obama in his role as a modern day robin hood is too blind to see that the more he gives this pathetic class of american beggars the more they expect to be given..

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