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  • jctuttle13 jctuttle13 May 20, 2013 12:24 PM Flag

    Bernanke needs to allow normal trading to return to the asset markets

    and repair the severe damage he has already done to investor psychology with his asset price manipulation plan.Where today there is no longer any such thing as a down day in the markets in investors eyes as long as the fed is there injecting $85B of new money into the economy each month.
    This greatest asset price manipulation the world has ever seen has to come to an end and let the markets return to functioning in a normal manner.

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    • Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke has earned several degrees, including a doctorate of economics from Princeton University.
      tuttle, you barely made it through high school, borrow money from family to pay rent on your one bedroom apartment, where you sit all day posting your nonsense to the BRCD stock mesage board.
      Do you really believe Mr. Bernanke should be taking advice from you ?

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      • Obama has Bernanke over a barrel with his spending. The idea of spending to recovery can develop into a lose lose proposition if job creation is restrained, of which 8% payroll tax looks goods on revenue now but killing job growth. We all run home after a spending spree to balance our check books but this Obama's got the liberal horde thinking that is bad economy, even misquoting the Professor from Princeton, but thats does not mater neither does it matter that Bernanke said Obama's policies do not support a recovery. Obama is now betting the market collapse will occur after his term.

      • I have to deal with lowlevel disrespectful bluecollar trash like yourself on a daily basis to to do the dirty,nasty jobs at my business that nobody else will do.It annoys me that I have to even have to interact with such uneducated lowclass trailer trash but the dirty jobs have to get done.Now on to ignore for reminding me of this unpleasant trash I have to deal with and wasting my time.

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