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  • g_van_buskirk g_van_buskirk Mar 28, 2010 9:54 AM Flag


    Looks like we will have a bit of upward pressure Monday morning! No change in pps Friday (open & close @ $.031). However, closing bid pps is $.031, while the closing ask pps was $.038. So, what's the next step here? Accumulate, accumulate and, oh yea, accumulate! Buy as much as you can, you will be rewarded. I'm not a pumper of this stock, but I am Pro-Infospi! It is not just about the great value of this stock! It's about what this company is doing! It's about "responsible" business. Infospi is all about reducing, and even reversing, the negative impact we have had on our environment. OK, back to making money! This stock is a great short, and long, term investment. Why? Take a really good look at the 3 month stock chart & and the corresponding news releases. Good news was released on Feb. 16th & 17th. The stock hit $.27 on Feb, 16th (about a $.10, or 75% move - compared to the prior trading day) on 4.5 million volume. Volume was running, on average, around 100k. Naturally, on the 17th the short term profit takers, well, took their profits lol. And, by the 18th the stock was at $.08! Nothing bad happened! People simply took their profits, and interest moved on to their next stock! Volume has settled down to around 500k/day. Nothing dramatic happened over the next month (although, I do feel adding Mr. Ashley Hollington as COO was a huge positive and I am very happy & excited about that move), short term investor's slowly lost interest, sold, and the stock gradually dropped from $.08 to $.03, no dramatic days on the pps. Mr. Hamilton, CEO, was obviously focused on filling the COO position, and he did an excellent job! I'm not going to speak for, speculate or put words in Mr. Hamilton's mouth (he will be updating us very soon). What I will tell you is that we have a CEO that is down to earth, highly qualified, truly cares, and is very passionate about this business! That is not always the case, I guarantee you that! So, bottom line! In the near future (I don't have an exact date), Mr. Hamilton is going to bring us all up-to-date with the business (and you will like what you hear)! Short term the stock will jump/move up to the $.15 - $.20 pps range. Longer term, this stock will be trading above a $1.00! No, I'm not just pulling that out of thin air. I have done a lot of dd on Infospi, and this will happen. But, you don't have to just blindly take my word! Grass Roots Research and Distribution, Inc., a Wall Street leading independent research firm, has initiated UNSOLICITED coverage on InfoSpi with a "BUY" recommendation and a $1.45 per share Long-Term Target Price. You can read their full report at,_inc..pdf. So, now is your chance. You have one of those RARE opportunities to make a very profitable financial move! At the ridiculously low price of $.031, well, all I can say is that its' a steal! It should be crime, and it will not last long! Greg

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