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  • liberty_is_madd liberty_is_madd Dec 21, 2005 12:09 PM Flag

    Whats going on

    Perhaps is some of the people on the Pentair board actually owned common stock in the company which they had paid full price for it might give other shareholders a small amount of confidence that they knew what they were doing. There was a time when quality was important to long term profitability and growth not just how cheap can we make it in China, turn a fast buck and blow that company down the road. Imagine the money that could be made selling a quality product at a fair price!

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    • The funny thing about the ruling and greedy elite is that ultimately they will get into trouble with the chinese gangsters they now adore.
      When that day happens we will start hearing all that pro - American bull crap as they attempt to send us or our children to war to fight their battle (you know these cowards would never fight for this country). - They just steal from it and us.

    • I hate to tell you this but RadioShack did the same pricing tactics 20 years ago.
      I sat there face-to-face with them. I know.

    • It's pretty simple to not support the corporate companies - don't buy their products. Hit them where it counts - in the wallet. It's something that won't change overnight, but as more people are aware of the big picture you will see these big corporate giants eventually suffer heavily. Which, would open the door for small businesses on a national scale. As far as Walmart goes, Walmart has a very interesting pricing policy that alot of people should be made aware of. They use their clout as the largest retailer to strong arm their suppliers into cheaper prices. They tell them "You either sell to us for $2 dollars cheaper than our competitors or we won't carry your products". This is how Walmart maintains their market share and are able to deliver the savings to the consumer. However, what is also not known is that these savings aren't passed on to smaller companies with no clout. In turn, Walmart has an unfair competitive advantage right from the start. Why should someone pay $12 for an item, when they can go to Walmart and pay $10. I've seen the pricing right before for my eyes. One of my friends who owns a store, actually called his distributor to question why there was one list price on one line and then there was (and it directly spelled it out) Walmart pricing on another line showing the price difference. He told his distributor that he was offended by that and told them he would no longer do business with them. Within 2 days, he found another distributor for the same products that didn't deal with Walmart.
      As far as foreign countries having a foothold in the U.S., it is an ugly picture. I know an auto parts supplier to the auto industry - pretty big company around 500 employees. Ironically, it is also in an Amish populated area of Ohio. Right now, 99 percent of the business is for Toyota and Honda. They also do work for GM and Ford, but the business for those American companies is in the dumps right now and there is hardly no production going on to supply them. It's funny that for the workers, they are forced to make a living making money for overseas companies. So, you have foreign companies keeping Americans employed. Mix that with the fact of when people buy a Toyota or a Honda, they are making money for an overseas company. If you're going to purchase something that is not made in America, you mind as well just send your check directly to that foreign country to deposit in their bank account. Looking at the big picture what is the benefit for America? The only benefit is that Toyota and Honda are keeping Americans employed, but at the same time holding them hostage to their $10 an hour jobs.

    • don't appreciate your attitude one damn bit!
      I am no more pompous than thou.
      I also am vehemently against corp mgmnt and board payolla. Why. Well look at GM. Instead of mgmnt giving them selves and workers big fat raises and benefits they should have been investing back into the biz with some r&d, capital equipent and technology to reduce costs. Instead they ALL took it home in their respective paychecks. And you know what? If mgnt and Labor could they would keep rockin' along like they have been. Including making the crappy cars and forcing them down our throats. Competition taught them otherwise. And they still couldn't get the message.
      Another point you touch on. The Chinese(or whomever) foster their homegrown companies. Just let xom try and takeover Total!! for instance. In the US if a company is successful watch the gov't, trial lawyers etc want to devour them. Know why we can't get vaccines that are made in the US? WalMart can't buy US made products because companies don't even want to have mfg plants here with all the gov't and legal issues. It is not only the pay scale.
      Now our crying, pissing and moaning is not going to change the facts.
      And a right jolly Christmas back at you.

    • That's the point you can't buy American Made any more. Do you think it's because the American worker gets $35-40,000 a year? When the average CEO gets millions? Do you think the Chinese running those companies are paid millions? Maybe America could compete on the "global economy" if the bougeois pig wasn't so greedy.

      You see the problem figure it out its going to bite you in your pompous ass. Like Henry Ford said if I pay my workers they can buy my cars.

      China cares not about pollution, workers rights or any other social issue we hold important. Last time I looked they were Red China. Tienaman Square remember that one? Oh yea they have changed...yea right.

      You guys can justify anything just like the evil players in the past Hitler and Stalin. Legislate against it here so you feel good and buy it there so you can get rich. Hypocrites!

      Merry Christmas

    • punky I've replied 3 times but for some reason my posts not getting through!
      Anyway, we visited Berlin, Ohio to tramo around Amish country. The souvenir stores we visited had nothing but Chinese goods! So where are you going to shop to buy American? That computer you post with..guess what!
      A city did a spec for US only made cars. COme to find out the foreign car had more US made parts than a supposedly American one.
      It's a global economy. Read "The Earth Is Flat"
      It will not be stopped so my suggestion is to get used to it and learn to take advantage.
      Sure I own shares in small american companies; AZZ< RMCF<OICO. But they would love to do biz overseas. And I'll bet my last peso that their products or at the least their packaging has overseas content.

    • tool man,

      Thank you for your motivational post. Please tell us what did you get into? What do you suppose we should go to night school and study? Please provide the statistitcs on what percentage of new business start up's succeed.

      I am sure everyone would like to take control of their lives. Did anyone say they wanted to be rich? Middle class will be fine personally I am not greedy nor am I materialistic.

      Tool man I think the issue here is a little bigger when millions of American manufacturing jobs have been ousourced in the last 10 years. When a country loses its strategic capability to be an industrial power, it is no longer a super power. I being an American don't see that as being a good thing.

      So please answer the questions or was it all bull-shit?

    • What a pathetic bunch of losers in this current dialog. "poor, poor me - they are taking my job, I'm not rich, whine, whine, blah, blah"

      The purpose of a company is to (pay attention now) make money for its investors. The purpose is not to support your humdrum blue collar life.

      Am I pissing you off? Good! Get off your ass and do something about the situation. Quit. Take control of your own life. Start your own business. Get another job. Go to school at night to learn some other way of making a living. I did.

      I left tool group before it left me and doing damn fine now. All it takes is the guts to take control of your life instead of waiting around for some empty suit to cross your name off the list so he can increase his bonus.

    • I am middle class moving to poor. No job security and my golden umbrella is made of lead. I bought my loved ones Christmas presents, I will give my offering to God, buy a Christmas dinner we will have at home. Darn I am out of money nothing left to buy shares in corrupt corporate giants. Instead of blue-collar job I am practicing "welcome to Wal-Mart."

      Just because we are smiling doesn't mean we are happy. Remember when your friends the Chinese come over the hill throw your portfolios at them. I'll be at Wal Mart. Hey maybe you can outsource the job to India.

      Some of you guys don't get it and never will!

      God Bless America and Merry Christmas!

    • i wish we had someone like you running the are right with all your statements.

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