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  • lmsmedley lmsmedley Jul 29, 2008 3:51 AM Flag

    AHT CEO Interview Pt. 2

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    • Gee, ya think? This loser who uses multiple ID's? Kind of shows the caliber of person we're dealing with -- an underhanded scumbag?

    • Same inflexibility, same naive view of markets.

      Doesn't matter. If, in fact, you own the stock, you will be very
      happy shortly. Lots to come. Earnings report will be at higher end of
      estimates. Dividend will be re-affirmed. Outlook will be to perform better
      than the sector during the downturn. Shorts have 11mm shares.

      They will have to pay $.22 again + % for borrow just as AHT begins to dig in with both
      hands and buyback lots of stock!!

    • CBR9, they ARE "buying" hotels -- in the form of mezz loans.

    • "lmsmedley" Please try to control the garbage that is coming out of your trap. It just makes you sound to dumb to even own stock.

      I myself have bought and sold shares of stock that have moved the share price (from both long and short positions). Maybe not if some one like you is only buying a few thousand shares. But I play with the bigger boys.

      I believe someone wants to check out at the cash register, so get back to work Imsmedley. Walmart will not tolerate employees that don’t put in a good eight hour shift. You could lose your job.

      By the way Imsmedley you said that I was an idiot. Well, if that is the case, I'm an idiot was a lot of cash. Every idiot I've ever met is broke.

    • cbc,

      I am long AHT and AHT pfd. D. I think both are good buys at these prices. I also, think that you have a good point about Monty's interview. They seem to have a good idea of how to play the hotel cycle. But the purchase of a group of hotels last year was not the best of timing. They should have known that the cycle was getting ready to head down. Therefore, they are like the rest of us, not perfect.

    • cbc, I've tried to be patient, but I'm going to join the others here.

      you are an idiot.

      If you are insinuating that the author is trying to boost the stock, then you are missing a very important point:

      Note how right under the title it says how many times the article has been read.
      None of them have been read more than a few hundred times.

      If you honestly believe that a stock can be moved even a penny by a few hundred readers of an interview, you really don't know shit about the stock market.

    • I don't believe I stated that Monty was dumping his shares. But, I did mention Meyers name. Make sure you read all my post before you open your trap. This whole interview smells like a rose but looks like something totally different.

      The only negitive thing I said about Monty is:
      Monty stated: Typically, during bad times, the Fed cuts interest rates. We could buy hotels then, lock in the long-term low interest rate. But as good times start to peak and interest rates rise, we could sell hotels and use the capital to make loans.

      Isn’t this just the opposite of what they are actually doing?

    • Thanks for your reply,Id give the overall hotel sector more time to recover along with the elements I mentioned last,banks,credit,ect...Ive made decent returns on hotel reits over the years and this company seems to follow a similair pattern of capitalzation from reduced assets,(sales)and redeployment of capitol at better rates from those operations of others who are less liquid...Many great achivements are made in times like these. Good luck,Buy all you can,This is another "Lasalle Hotel" story in the making in my view...Take care.

    • I also agree with CBC49 and acasnow2000. I believe that Monty and Meyers both set this thing up from the beginning. The questions and answers were approved by Monty prior to the interview. This isn’t the first dog and pony show I’ve seen. I have seen this same pump and dump show many, many times before.

      Here's a question: Ask Myers in 3 months if he still owns all of his AHT shares? I would bet not!!! What he’s doing is not illegal because he disclosed that he owned shares. He just didn’t disclose that he is going to sell shares if the articles happen to help the shares run up a bit.

    • Not necessarily saying anything negative about Ashford, but the articles DO have the look of a "lube job." The interviewer sounds like a gushing teenage girl.

      Regarding Ashford, if they have more liquidity than their peers, then they'll come out of this higher up the food chain. Cashed distressed REITs will have to sell off assets on the cheap, and cash flush REITs will buy them at firesale prices. It's that simple.

      Ashford seems to have been pretty smart in the money management department. You could buy it today, not look at it for four years, and win. That being said, I'll bet you there will be better entry points in the near future.

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