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  • invesco2 invesco2 Sep 26, 2008 2:11 PM Flag

    Hello $3's

    Well boys, I’m still watching for all the short covering and the results from the announcement of the $75 million buy back (which they don’t have the money for anyway). Tripp Sullivan just told me that the $100 million mezz loan was funded with the cash that was on the balance sheet. That means they don’t have any more money on the balance sheet other than operating capital !! And let me educate you, that’s not good in this market environment!!! All of you dumb … (you know who you are without me having to name you) was trying to hit me over my head with all kinds of insults when the stock bounced back to the high $4’s. And what have I contunied to post…we still have deteriorating fundamentals. And all you will say now is…I already knew that etc (bull crap LIAR). But in the past you were telling me otherwise. What happened, did the truth finally hit you over the head. I THINK SO.

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