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  • swank818 swank818 Jan 9, 2009 8:21 PM Flag

    April 15 is date all bashers go home

    The bashers will all have their wallets ripped out of their pockets with margin calls on their short positions on or around April 15.

    That will demonstrate how effective AHT's funding strategy has been and will make the analysts realize that AHT will be ahead of the curve coming out of the recession due to this.

    My guess is that there will be 3-5 analysts upgrades based on this and the stock will begin to move sharply higher at that time. Till then, there should be several good "news" occasions (aside from any overall market belches) to get in at a low price. Certainly if they announce a good chunk of mez loan problems (highly likely between now and 4/15), or if one of the other Lodging REITS should have a liquidity "event" then the stock will take a one-day hit; however April 15 will be a milestone date to put on your calendar and then JasonJerk, Invescum and his sick aliases, Runamok etc. will just vaporize as these scum have on other boards when the short positions start to square.

    Actually, Invescum (ccb45, bananabrain, ahtblows and his 6 other aliases) probably is just here till he can keep saying "I told you so" that a bad economy would lead to bad RevPars which in turn would cause AHT (and, by the way, every other lodging REIT) to lose 75-90% of their common stock value.

    Also, as I read the posts, I find it amazing that most people do not really understand what this company is, what it does, how it does it, what it owns, how it derives its cash flows, its funding strategy etc. etc.
    Truly amazing. It is also amazing that there are sometimes 12-14 "ratings" for posts by people like Invescum (and his aliases), Jason etc. Wonder why these people spend the time to create all the aliases so they can come back and give high or low ratings to theirs' or others' postings.

    Sad to see someone like Invescum and annoying, but expected to see the pro shorts like jason etc....Just count the days till April 15.

    tick, tick, tick, tick till AHT shows the BEST cash flow from operations relative to RevPar declines in the industry!!

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    • still no one has explained what is supposed to happen on april 15th

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      • The question was answered immediately after it was asked...but to repeat (and today's release illustrates and provides an early preview)....AHT will demonstrate, when it releases its Q1 2009 numbers that it will outperform all of the other lodging REITs due to its funding strategy which reduces its average cost of debt to as much as 2-3% less than its peer group. The jerk analysts will, of course, all decide that now AHT looks better and there will be upgrades etc.

    • Would you copy me on the information you have also?

    • Busy week and sorry for the delay. Yes north. After advisor got me into this I went to check out one hotel before flying out of Dulles. Walked in and the lobby smelt like bird crap. This was after hearing a guest complaining about the internet crashing the night before. Spots on carpet and wall paper peeling in lobby. Sad shape. Did get a free drink. I can confirm what Green’s been saying and I sent him the information I received about the union efforts in the DC area. Understand local 25 is planning some demonstration this quarter at Cap Hilton.

    • The properties are listed in their investor relations property portfolio page. Duuuh.

    • What would it cost to duplicate the hotel properties at todays
      cost? How much of the land under the hotels do they own?

      Are the locations among the best available.
      What is their track record in normal times?

      I have made over a million dollars buying distressed situations, I
      have taken a large position in this REIT for income and cap apprec.
      I expect to do the same over a three to five yr. period.

    • I don't understand the significance of the April 15th date. Please explain. Thank You

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      • Gheez, the jerks already spent the effort to give me a few lousy, they must have a lot of money (or ego) at stake.

        Who cares about Yahoo stars?????? Duhhhhh

        To answer your question...I would expect that they will release a PR on their Q1 performance sometime between April 15 and May 1; however, given the tendency of information to "leak"...I would expect that the analysts and their brethren will have a pretty good idea of how well AHT has done (on a relative basis) by around April 15...but for sure when they make a formal announcement (by around April 30!)

    • I have dreams also. I also like bright sunny days and Disney Land. I also dream for world peace. Grow up, it's 2009 not grade school.

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