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  • swank818 swank818 Jan 9, 2009 8:51 PM Flag

    April 15 is date all bashers go home

    Gheez, the jerks already spent the effort to give me a few lousy, they must have a lot of money (or ego) at stake.

    Who cares about Yahoo stars?????? Duhhhhh

    To answer your question...I would expect that they will release a PR on their Q1 performance sometime between April 15 and May 1; however, given the tendency of information to "leak"...I would expect that the analysts and their brethren will have a pretty good idea of how well AHT has done (on a relative basis) by around April 15...but for sure when they make a formal announcement (by around April 30!)

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    • Thanks for your reply, and I certainly hope you're right. I'm long a boat load, and I've read and listened to everything available on AHT for well over a year.

      I believe most of the posters here are traders, many short. I wish everyone had to identify themselves as either trader/investor, or long/short.

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      • You’re in good position and hang in. Keep reading. You will notice all the people who support the company have so much built up anger… lol.. It’s fun to watch… It’s like a bunch of girls on MySpace when you disagree with them. lol… I live in horse country in Virginia and my Advisor is in DC and has visited the NE Hotels and we decided to try them out for a bit.
        The REIT’s will come back around in 2010. A little longer for this REIT due to the crazy mistakes in 2008, the Big Egos with the sister Management Company (Remington), The Company Directors of AHT, and the huge huge-huge union issues they are going to have in 2009. Some of these guys are so oblivious to the union efforts they are going to have in 2009. It’s going to be panic when it hits them… lol. My advisor has looked into them pretty deeply and I’m just having fun with them on here watching it unroll.
        I can only speak for myself; but, I like getting a rise out of the Ashford GM’s on here… lol… I admire the positive outlook for 2009. They have visions of grander that you just don’t see in the real world. I admire it; but, it’s just not realistic. My advisor just got me into this stock late last year when we saw it tanking. I have never seen such a poor performing company defend its Directors on a message board like these guys do. I give them credit for that at least. But, I see why it is such a poor performer. I had heard of the arrogance of the Bennett’s from one guy on here who sent me union information. And you can see it with the posts. I like the arrogance. It makes for great leaders during a football game. But, not in business. Hell will freeze over before they admit they made a mistake or will show any signs of hurting. Lol… it’s fun to watch.

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