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  • lucyliu69xx Jan 18, 2010 1:06 AM Flag

    Deteriorating Property Values

    After looking at all the facts I am now convinced that AHT is way over valued. I think I am going to sell all my holdings and wait for commercial real estate to fall another 40% in value before I buy again. I was talking to a really nice looking guy down at the local night club and he swore that real estate was going to fall another 40%. I believe him because he said that he sold real estate for a living.

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    • LOL

      Banana Brain

      Nobody can read anything will all caps so what's your point here?

      Again I would suggest you go through all of my post and review every comment that I made about every purchase that I have made and I guarantee you will find that I made a boatload of purchases in the $1, $2 and $3 range plus Preferreds from $6 to $12.

      Now if we could just find one thing you were correct about I might stop laughing.

    • You making money on aht... bought in at the $11 to $12 range. You have been on this board for more than two year. Did you forget that or just like to lie? Don't try and pump your crap up my ... Save it for the one's on this board the believe you. Remember, i was here two years ago when you first started posting you pump and dump crap on this board.

    • And by the way banana brain I would encourage you to search through every post I ever made. Dedicate them to memory. Then have dreams about them while you sleep at night or in some of your demented fantasies.

      The market may have changed over time but one thing that hasn't is that we are still making serious $$ in AHT.

      On the other hand you have have lost your rear, mind and just about anything else one can imagine trying to understand why late 08 and early 2009 investors are rolling in dough despite your ignorant protestations.

      Meanwhile I insist you keep your insanity on display here because there never can be enough laughs around these parts.

    • Just like everything else you post here banana brain you hvae no idea what you are talking about.

      Yes I'm sure you are very capable of wasting your time by sifting through old posts for no apparent reason.

    • Yes, you sell all of your holdings (can you sell something attached to your body?)


      Where do they find you. The shorts are getting desperate. $7, $8, $9, $10 KABOOM.

      Margin calls over the weekend.

      • 3 Replies to swank818
      • Right now as ALIS approaches next week the big problem seems to be that property values have not fallen far enough to generate any real opportunity buying.

        Lenders and in stall mode while REIT IPO's and other private equity is lining up to take a shot at "distressed" properties.

        So far all you see are throwbacks ala Sunstone, a couple of AHT properties and a few others. Those have not really hit the market because most lenders are looking to hold for now in hopes of recovering value down the road.

        CMBS bonds are a quagmire, Life Cos like Mass Mutual have staying power, most banks don't want the properties on their books now so they may write down some values and perhaps make a few other concessions to assist the bottom line, some active top of the market REIT buyers like Apple did not over leverage like many others and so on.

        Like I have said from the beginning, valuations are almost entirely irrelevant at this point as long as you have cash flow. That is never more true in the case of the REIT's and other well capitalized companies, who while they have taken a deep hit are nevetheless able to manage their FFO to create value.

        If you simply can't comprehend why book value and other hard time metrics do not manifestly factor into the equation at this point then you should get the hell out.

        Banana,"I'm always slipping",House however should hang around though for comedic value.

      • lucyliu69xx Jan 18, 2010 3:17 PM Flag

        Wow, I didn’t think about that. You must stay awake at night thinking about investing in stocks and all the different issues dealing with the companies. It sounds like it may have been a foolish mistake selling my 50 shares. I hate to pay the broker fee again, but Tuesday morning I’m buying my shares back. This message board is so great. Again, thanks for everyone’s help. With a little good luck and help from this message board, I may be able to make a few hundred dollars this year. GO AHT…

      • I didn't write the first post, I gathered the "bananabrain" is peeved someone is using his ID and decided to pose as me (notice the email included in the ID), which says someone has too much time on their hands. I thought the bananahouse poser was funny and think I know who did it, but this creature missed the target.

        I also noticed that everytime someone posts something it doesn't like that it immediately receives about 3 1 star ratings, undoubtedly from each of bananabrain's identities. Now we may have 4.

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