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  • bananahouse171 bananahouse171 May 8, 2014 4:45 PM Flag

    Quartley Results Blow Out

    Great job Monty. You beat on every metric possible. See you at $15 by years end if you have a couple more of these kinds of quarters.

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    • Just a little over One month from my last post and I am already up $1 on my additional buy. 9.5% plus a dividend. There is a very clear up trend here. Only better numbers. By December the dividend could go from .12 cents to possibly .15 cents. On the way to $14 with REAL earnings, net income earnings. I have never had interest in buying fly by night trend stocks on sales volumes with no income. Buying these types all my life has gotten me early to this Stage 3 time in my life, financial freedom time. No boss. I work for me. Show me the real money and only then do I invest. Enjoy my friends. This is a nice ride to be on.

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    • I only see easy value under $11. Everyone is chasing high flying tech stocks around with no dividends or even real earnings. Oh they have lots of sales. Yea but no net income! Here you have a real company in continuing recovery, pays a nice dividend, and should be closer to $14. Stick to the value long term. This is an easy one to me. Numbers are numbers, earnings are earnings.

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    • Some notes on AHT quarterly that indicate this company is in full recovery mode.

      Beat estimates by .05

      Cash & equivalents rose from $128,780,000 to 154,110,000

      Receivables rose from $21,791,000 to $30,689,000

      Payables & accrued expenses dropped from $70,683,000 to $68,946,000

      Pro forma RevPAR increased 7.5% to $101.55 for all hotels in the Ashford Trust Portfolio on a 3.4% increase in ADR and a 4.0% increase in occupancy

      Pro forma RevPAR increased 8.5% to $101.57 for hotels not under renovation in the Ashford Trust Portfolio on a 3.0% increase in ADR and a 5.4% increase in occupancy

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