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  • it's released...shows how wrong I can be (they got it out before sundown)
    Have not read it yet....anyone...share your thoughts
    (after reading it)

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    • As soon as I see something along the lines of "I like Berkshire Bancorp's operating margin of 39.42%," I know that this is a computer driven model that just plugs in various numbers and spits out "research." Pretty worthless. The Motley Fool, which used to have writers who put out interesting articles, is now almost exclusively this numbers based model (with no insight into what the numbers actually mean for a particular company).

    • This from Seeking Alfa

      Berkshire Bancorp Inc (BERK) is a financial company, specifically in the industry of regional - northeast banks. It has a market cap of $97.49 million. Over the past week, Berkshire Bancorp has one insider who purchased a total of 25388 shares at the total value of $170099. Given that its price is only 15.41% off its 52-week high, the overall market sentiment appears positive. I like Berkshire Bancorp's operating margin of 39.42%, a good sign for the company's financial health. In conclusion: This stock is OK for your watch list, but not particularly appealing based on its overall financial records

    • Buying small lots in and around $6.75. MM just reported buying 25,000 shares @6.70. Seems like he has market-maker in his fist..He's just waiting for as many as possible to get so frustrated so he can buy them out cheap.(Most institutions like Black Rock and mutual funds haven't quit yet...)
      Since March 2011 he has bought about 123000 shares @$6.70. Like you said, he is apparently trying to wait others out while he builds more value. he's smart..maybe to smart

    • I wish MM lots of luck in getting my shares away from me! Been here far too long to sell out and go away at these levels. Remember he just paid over $8 per share for almost 6 million shares. Anybody selling now (unless they absolutely need the cash) is pretty foolish IMO.

    • ENZO congratulation!

      I believe you were filled on your 400 shares if you had it in as a GTC order, and now its moving higher with the offers in volume being taken out assumably by the MM group on the way to have complete control,
      and when there will be only a minimum of hardy shareholders to contend with, then the end game will be executed

    • I believe Bittersweet is probably right (in general). So r u as to long way to 18-20. You might get kick out of this...few days ago I put in order for 400 @ about 6.48...they gave me (some idiot sold)4 shares. That's it...4 sh
      Awaiting to see what private investors and mutual funds who hold shares did in first quarter; and Annual Meeting (which I am going to try to go to)
      MR M may believe he, Board and Officers are out of woods with respect to ARS but he may be sorely mistaken...we'll see.It is time for him to remedy what was done to ALL shareholders by management's lack of oversight; failure and neglect (for which not a sole has paid the price or been held accountable.

    • Long way to go to get to 18-20....I think the stock sold off after the 10K because investors were hoping for a dividend announcement. Management needs to unlock shareholder value. It has been 4 years and their salaries continue to go up year after year while the stock languishes.

    • Enzo
      I'm not sure that he is intent on waiting out the minority shareholders, but rather waiting for a better oppertunity to sell out at better valuations coming from either an appetite for larger banks to buy up smaller regionals, which at this point they are not paying attention due to there own problems, or for a more stable and continuous earning stream
      to justify his expected value of 18-20 the number being just a arbitrary guess

    • Appears that others, (as I), have lost patience.
      M&M kid might decide to wait out rest of minority shareholders while he builds underlying value. He has been given three years to make up for management failure(s).

    • $115 mil bv + $24 mil in loss carry forwards (tax credit). Lots of excess capital. No word on dividend on common.

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