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  • lincolnhillsace lincolnhillsace Dec 5, 2011 8:59 PM Flag

    all insider sales, no buys...why??

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    • Well, it's pretty obvious to me...Euan is one of the TOP 5 insider sellers! With that being said, who would have confidence in this company or its ability to take the CK to another level? They've shown us all that they either don't have the inclination or ability to grow this company! While they should be buying stock on the open market and promoting the #E@# out of the CK, all we see is the pillaging of the company and shareholder assets. What a sorry state this company has been in since the departure of Dr. Adler!

      Let's look at the smokescreen Euan put up by buying tomo, successfully driving down the stock price from $11+ down to an all time low of $3+. Apparently, there were no CK sales in the past quarter either or he would have at least pointed that out at the shareholder meeting.

      And about CK sales, let's be honest...Dr. Adler was the leading force behind those sales. He was and still is a very persuasive spokesperson since he contributed so much, not only in its creation and sales but remains a user as well. The sales department has been riddled with top execs being fired (oh, I mean "terminated") as well as the sales staff coming and going on a routine basis.

      Euan has successfully lost the confidence of the CK users as evidenced by the poor success of his creation, AERO, or whatever it is called. He created it as a free format for users to interact but at this time, I understand only about 40 people have signed up, as compared to the CK Society aka the Radiological Society whose members have to be over 800 (paying) members...LOL! Euan's creation has no credibility since he and his gang of thieves control it, and I believe the users recognize it for what it is. How can ARAY be successful if its user base don't like, respect or trust the executive management?

      As for the layoffs, how many have targeted the sales and marketing staff? The CK is a complicated medical device that the sales personnel need to know inside and out. The constant flow of personnel in and out of sales can only hurt sales of the CK if they aren't there long enough to fully understand this complicated medical device and can promote its versatility, successful long-term treatment results and promising new uses. And apparently there isn't much of a marketing dept. since we don't hear tiddly about the CK, unlike its competitors who constantly run TV ads and I'm sure much more local advertising.

      These are only a few reasons that I can think of as to why there are so many insider sales and no purchases. Everyone can obviously see there is no confidence in the company, including its executives!

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