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  • piginabullsuit piginabullsuit Nov 4, 2004 8:56 AM Flag


    on re-election of President Bush. This market appreciates it and together we all win.

    Hey Rooky, check out AMHC - it's a mover!

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    • hey psych, pvn @ 20 that would be fine....i agree intc, orcl, lu good tech pix... also long ge, dwa, lll..good luck 2 ya

    • get a job,,get a health plan,,quit comparing
      the U.S to other losing nations.G.W won
      because over half the country is sick of what
      effect the left has had on our morals,our values,our culture,and our COUNTRY.I for one wish him the best..LAstly,, handouts ARE NOT

    • Thanks, pvn and good luck to you also. The big irony of this whole thing was that the re-election of a President was primarily due to the morality issue. If that was the case, where's the morality of the religious right who condoned 4 million more Americans going into poverty these past 4 years and 45 million more who can't afford any health coverage by giving the Presdent 4 more years. All the major industrial nations cover all their citizens with a health plan. Only the U.S. does not!!

      These are not compassionate Christians, nor is the President a compassionate leader. Case closed.

    • Forget about P/E's on KRB and COF. All you need to watch is the incremnental increases in their earnings just as we've had on PVN. And if the economy keeps imroving, those earnings will be there. Not too long ago the P/E on PVN was 25 and as the earnings started improving the P/E came down to 12, which induced buying in the stock and as the stock rises of course the P/E rises commensurately and the cycle starts all over again until the next earnings period. Remember, the credit card companies have a license to steal. All they're doing is making money on money with no inventory to worry about like manufacturers and there biggest source of income comes form an array of service fees they charge the consumers. Why do you think the banks are gobbling up all the independants they can.

      As for..."Bush making it happen from the get go!!!!!! ".... forget it, everyone thought, including our European Allies, that he would loose, and he deserved to loose, except for Karl Rove's masterful getting out the vote of the Evangelicans who didn't vote in 2000. Any other time a president with his terrible 4 year record on jobs, the bogus war and huge deficits would easily loose by a landlside. Let's see him wiggle out of the Iraq war and the mounting deficits and the weakening dollar and try to make any headway on any new programs. The true conservative Republicans will make sure the spending binge comes to a halt without supporting spending cuts.

    • One point on price/book...

      According to Yahoo, P/B is well under 2 right now. If employment continues to increase, PVN should continue to increase profit and may even be able to release money from reserves, both of which will increase book value.

      Good luck!

    • Market is moving up. All the Kerry nonsense and downtalk of the economy is gone!

      By the way don't think for a second that the Soros of the world were not deliberately bidding up the price of oil in advance of the election, remember you can hedge in both directions so they are even making money on this scam.

      Oil will be at $40 within the week. Unemployment claims down--everthing moving in the right direction!!!!!